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  • La Grande Histoire du Parfum

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    The history of the art of scenting is clarified here along with the great history – mixing poetry and scientific revolutions, in a precise work written by the learned and literary pen of Elisabeth de Feydeau.

    Author : Élisabeth de Feydeau

    Publisher : Larousse

    Date of Publication : October 2021

    Description :Where does perfume come from, how was it invented, what are its main ingredients? How did it pass from a sacred use to a profane one? Why was Louis XIV called “the sweetest flowering king”? Who were the first great perfumers? What role does the fashion industry play in the history of perfume? What is the job of the “nose”? What are the stories behind mythical perfumes like N°5, Eau Sauvage, Angel, CK One, Le Mâle?
    All the answers are in this book, which also features several portrait galleries: master glassmakers, the first perfumers, modern perfume designers, etc. Magnificently illustrated, thanks to a rich iconography and unpublished facsimiles of archival documents and the most beautiful perfume brands, The Great History of Perfume transports you into a precious and bewitching universe.

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  • Sur la bouche. Une histoire du Rouge à Lèvres

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    What is the story behind the lipstick? Used since ancient times by women, lipstick has accompanied the emancipation of women, but also the most symbolic movements. Here is an essay that looks back with intelligence on the epic of a hit as glamorous as it is political.

    Author : Rebecca Benhamou

    Publisher : Premier Parallèle

    Date Of Release : November 2021

    It all starts with a simple gesture, that of making up one’s mouth. An insignificant gesture, associated par excellence with femininity, in which many invisible dialectics are played out. Symbol of women’s emancipation or of their submission, emblem of patriotism or of betrayal, of conformism or of rebellion, of pleasure or of alienation… It is a silent language, half ornament, half megaphone, which tells as much about the intimate as the collective.
    Through the peregrinations of the red stick, whether it is placed on the lips of suffragettes, prostitutes, tomboys, soldiers or movie stars, it is the place of women in the public space that is discussed here. From the rush to the first department stores at the end of the 19th century to the post-MeToo era through lipstick feminism, Rebecca Benhamou’s account knocks on every door, giving voice to Zola as well as to Madonna, to Fitzgerald as well as to Colette, to Roosevelt as well as to Vivienne Westwood.

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