Valentine’s Day 2022: Rosé Champagne

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Valentine’s Day 2022: Rosé Champagne

Rosé champagnes? Nectars that just as romantic as they are refined, whose pink color match well with the idea of Valentine’s Day!

Rosé champagnes are ideal for making love sparkle, even more so on Valentine’s Day… Dancing in a perfect tango with dishes of all varieties, here is Icon-Icon’s selection of the best champagnes.

Starting with 2006 Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage…

Nothing is more emblematic than this pink-colored champagne with finely sparkling bubbles! Richard Geoffroy said it himself: Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2006 is “the only one in twenty-eight years that has kept me up at night…”

Because the year 2006 experienced an odd climate, both hot and dry globally, July of that year was scorching while August was abnormally cool and humid!

“It is the almost summer-like temperatures of September which make the vintage, drying up the few botrytis outbreaks and offering a ripeness well above average. Harvesting starts on September 11 and lasts nearly three weeks,”Richard Geoffroy explains.

Over the course of twelve years, Pinot Noir praised to the skies – here blended with Chardonnay in proportions kept secret – has thus undergone a slow and mastered transformation in the cellar, under the expertise and careful eyes of Richard Geoffroy…

These contrasts ultimately led to the more than perfect composition of this champagne – tough to put together, but divine to taste.

Actually, who better than Richard Geoffroy can sum up the tasting notes with so much skill? He notes: “on the nose, the bouquet is captivating, ripe and deep. A first wave of dark of spices and cocoa opens very quickly on the fruit. A fruit in majesty: roasted fig and apricot, candied orange. The whole rests on top of smoky accents.”

Another luminary in the field, Ruinart Rosé… Traces of the first rosé champagne in history date back to 1764. It is on this date that Ruinart shows evidence of orders for so-called œil-de-perdrix wines. At the time, the unusual expression was a term used in the wine industry to indicated a nuanced color between pink and gray. But when it comes to the beginnings of rosé champagne, Ruinart has in the meantime developed sparkling and divine rosé wines!

The Ruinart rosé champagne thus represents the excellence of a brand founded in 1729. Its uniqueness? The delicate balance of its blend! A blend which echoes the sublime of rosé champagne inbetween the freshness of Chardonnay – Ruinart’s signature grape variety – and the roundness of Pinot Noir turned into red wine…

It has been a long time since Ruinart Rosé swapped its oeil-de-perdrix color for the character and elegance of a pomegranate color, nuanced with orange accents. On the nose, the Ruinart Rosé has an even more fascinating palette — a palette in which fruits, such as guava and lychee, spice up with exoticism the mixture of red fruits formed by raspberry, cherry and wild strawberry.

With, as a bonus, the new eco-friendly case, to make it even more chic!

If Moët & Chandon’s history also goes back to the history of Napoleon’s conquests, it is normal that the rosé cuvée pays tribute to the most renowned client of the brand. Intense and radiant, Rosé Impérial Moët & Chandon thus gives out a flamboyant taste – a surprising taste similar to love.

Even better, the radiant color of Rosé Impérial Moët & Chandon exposes the great richness of the soils and harvests of the Champagne province! Dominantly red, adorned with reflections, the color of this rosé champagne bears the complexity and fruity intensity of the grape varieties used by Moët & Chandon.

In the mouth, Rosé Impérial still has a very interesting fullness and subtlety. A lively bouquet of small red fruits, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant… embellished with floral accents and a hint of pepper!

How about a Brut champagne instead? A champagne enhancing the raw material and offering a remarkable pure taste…

The Brut Nature Ayala champagne would pair well shellfish or iodized dishes with its mineral and chiseled notes (grapefruit and white fruits). A nectar born from a blend in which the best experts will perhaps be able to detect Chardonnay (45%), Pinot Noir (35%) and Meunier (20%).

Enough to choose the most stunning of champagnes from!

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