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This diamond ring campaign goes back on the fundamentals that forged the brand’s success: “When Charles Tiffany imagined the Tiffany Setting in 1886, the great inventer didn’t just bring about what would become the universal symbol of a great love: he also presented the fruit of a unique legacy, founded on exceptional craftsmanship.” Indeed, it’s the American manufacturer’s expertise that’s at the foundation of this quality piece. By highlighting the behind-the-scenes aspects of this gem, the brand is honoring the passion and hard work of its artisans that are the backbone of the brand itself. 
They cut, polish, mount, and hand-create each ring, patiently, taking care to passionately perpetuate a craftsmanship that’s just as reputed as the label that incarnates it. That’s why, for the first time in the history of Tiffany & Co., the brand has created a “making of” for one of its ad campaigns. By keeping the accent on the meticulous work and quality norms that are inherent to creating its pieces, the jeweler is revealing the bare bones of its iconic diamond.
This ad campaign is articulated around sumptuous shots that capture the artisans in action in black and white. Signed off on by Martyn Thompson, the photographs perfect this exercise in revealing the secrets behind the magnificent Tiffany Setting. Even better, through the lens of creative director Keith Ehrlich in coordination with Tiffany & Co., the story continues with three additional videos. Three separate formats (15, 30, and 60 seconds) present the work of the men that, with their own voice-off, deliver this gem’s emotion with pride. A legacy of brilliance.

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