The Chanel Lion of Kristen Stewart


Make up CHANEL : HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Liquid Essence, HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Crème, teint LES BEIGES  Medium Light, on the eyes LES 4 OMBRES Eclat Enigmatique, OMBRE PREMIÈRE Noir Pétrole, STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF Ébène, mascara LE VOLUME DE CHANEL Noir, SIGNATURE DE CHANEL Noir, LE GEL SOURCILS Brun, on the lips ROUGE COCO SHINE Intime.

The Chanel Lion of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, Chanel ambassador, face of the Gabrielle Fragrance and memeber of the jury, wore a black silk dress, look 74, from the Fall-Winter 2018/2019 ready-to-wear collection for the opening ceremony of the 71st Cannes festival. Chanel Jewelry. Chanel make-up

The Versus Versace Disco Dress


After the departure of Anthony Vaccarello for the creative direction of Saint Laurent, Donatella Versace decided to take back the reins of her own brand. Launched by Gianni Versace in 1989 to allow his sister to express her vision for the body and garments, the Versus line has gradually emerged from the shadow of Versace. With her telltale flair, Donatella transformed Versus into a playground for a new generation of designers – Christopher Kane, J.W. Anderson, and Anthony Vaccarello all came through these hallowed gates. But for next season, Donatella opted rather to offer a concentrated vision of everything that defines the essence of Versus: a new take on current streetwear and club ambiance with a touch of attitude.

This is a collection for “a rebellious girl who breaks the rules” in the words of Donatella – a Versus girl who rejects conventional beauty and goes rummaging through her boyfriend’s clothes. A girl a bit like herself in the end – she whose party girl image is perfectly incarnated in this ultra-short glitter dress that’s made for the clubs. Sexy but sporty, cut in silver-colored scales, the piece reminds us of the Versace’s family adoration for sumptuous colors and cuts that are close to the body, all enveloped in an aura of glamour.

Moncler Grenoble Haute Montagne


The Grenoble Haute Montagne Line is the perfect answer to skiers’ desire to not have their movements slowed by their apparel. Using the name of its natal city in France, the collection has all it takes to appear ambitious. After designing the down jackets for the French team at the 1968 Winter Olympics, shared with a number of co-brands – Chantal Thomass in the 80s, Pharell Williams and Mary Katrantzou most recently -, they’re now continuing to pursue the idea of couture as an athletic credential.

Completely absorbed in their own savoir-faire, Moncler enriched their ski-friendly collection to give us the new “Haute Montagne – Ski Resort Exclusive” line. This capsule collection with upscale accents is only available in a select few ski stations: Gstaad, Megève, Courchevel, St. Moritz, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Courmayeur, Crans Montana, Chamonix, Verbier, Zermatt, Kitzbühel, and Aspen, to give this illusion of this ever rare and sought after freedom at the top of a snowcapped mountain. The design perfectly espouses the idea of a union with nature mixed with a certain stylistic contemporariness. The immaculate or snowy white is interspersed with bright red so that the brand’s modern spirit never falters. Available in a men’s and a women’s version, the release of Ski Resort Exclusive keeps all of its performance-related promises. Oozing in comfort, the nylon is coated with a waterproof resin while the pants are made of 16% spandex. This little slice of freedom is an exclusive one, made for the pleasure of melting into the most grandiose of landscapes to the rhythm of a daredevil’s adrenaline.

Tod’s Italian Dream for Spring/Summer 2018


The Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea looked like the seaside last week. For their runway, Tod’s brought the scent of days past onto the airy mountainous slopes of the Italian peninsula. Diego Della Valle understands this Italy as being venerated and enchanted, just like the filmmakers and actors that have ceded to its grandeur. The beauties on Tod’s runway almost appeared to have rays of sun on their skin, and in their hair, an ease that only the wind can blow in. Kendall Jenner headed things up by opening the show.

Italy also means an impeccable quality of leathers – and the simple but airy elegance of its style. Tod’s is celebrating  Italian nonchalance for Spring/Summer 2018 and the irreproachable quality of its craftsmanship. Lacking a single creative director, the collection is the collective work of five people. The result? A timeless collection with the colors of the Mediterranean. Leather is evidently at the heart of this line, where the brand’s absolute icon, the moccasin, is reinvented in a myriad of new ways.

Occasionally a hybrid with a sneaker-esque rubber sole, sometimes gypsy-esque with oversized fringe, it also gets dressed up with a denim canvas in its Double T version when not enchanting the steps in its Yorky version. It even brightens up a pair of leather pajamas. This leather is made with brilliant finesse. The new Spring/Summer 2018 collection honors the casual chic that Tod’s is such an expert in. The craftsmanship of their workshops can be perceived in the exquisite finishings. With discreet elegance and eminently desirable looks, next season is marking a return to the brand’s 1978 origins and an intention to definitely anchor Italian heritage into the high fashion sphere.

The Sweatshirt Couture


With an increasingly haute couture feel, the sweatshirt is quickly climbing the list of most coveted pieces this winter.

At its core, the sweatshirt is the essential starting point for any streetwear ensemble: athletically draped over sporty shoulders, it soaks up all that pesky sweat that comes with a long run in Central Park. And like many a jogger, the sweatshirt is also known to go off the beaten path: graffiti artists have brought the piece to the forefront of the “underground” scene. Usually worn oversized, the sweatshirt is known to accompany street artists on their nocturnal outings.

 Luxury brands are taking the sweatshirt by storm: Balenciaga, Kenzo and its neoprene sweatshirt have already been adopted by Rihanna along with droves of fashionistas. Easy to make… a little less easy to wear! The finishings are getting compressed, the cut is getting larger as the overall shape gets rounder: the sweatshirt is uniting two different universes just for the cold season. Its heritage is hard as rock, underground, and masculine, but this time around the finishing touches have been feminized with a little help from the couture world.

Without betraying its origins, the sweatshirt is becoming more multifaceted: retro-futuristic at the hand of Balenciaga, incorporating images of John Galliano at the designer’s namesake fashion house, owl-printed at Burberry… the award for most rustic creation, however, goes to the romantically tinged Dries Van Noten take on the garment, where embroidered flowers are added as if to bring the pieces’ two parallel dimensions together in harmony. In any case, the sweatshirt is decidedly THE piece to pair with a mini skirt. Flawless!

Bamboo, Jungle Jap, and Kenzo Spring/Summer 2018


At the Trianon last week, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim introduced what seems to be their justified fantasy vision of Japanese theater. Dubbed Collection Memento No. 2, it introduces the Kenzo look for Spring/Summer 2018 like an ode to travel – a tale founded on that of the founder Kenzo Takada, originally from Himeji but who dreamed of elsewhere. The brand’s creative directors perfected the story, the legend, and the vocabulary of one of the most dreamy brands in the fashion landscape. The result? A timeless connecting thread that plunges the essence of Kenzo style into the depths of the legends of Japan. “We wanted to breathe life into the dynamism of this legendary brand without turning our backs on its history,” they explained. And the founder himself had nothing contrary to say: “I don’t feel betrayed at all. Carol and Humberto applied the two main principles that have always guided me: not giving into fashions and working by instinct.”

The iconic look in this constellation of inspired silhouettes is an urban kimono in a Spring/Summer 2018 version. In an asexual fashion, the piece takes the original inspiration for Kenzo and pieces it together with the dreamy prints that were so revolutionary for their day. Bamboo, Jungle Jam – Carol Lim and Humberto Leon imagined everything in a more portable and urban vein. Kenzo fashion is fantastic, a colorful mishmash, and Lim and Leon want it to be the ideal attribute for cool kids of today.

Comfort, well-being, poetry – all of these values that were so near and dear to the founder have a more contemporary echo here. A mix between the label’s past influences and a touch of modernity, the designers took care to bring vintage pieces from the Kenzo wardrobe back in line with the times, such as the bamboo print that left its mark on many more than a decade before. Spring/Summer 2018 is thus perhaps an homage to the inventiveness and audacity of thinking freely – just like Kenzo.

The 21st Century Lacoste Tracksuit for Spring/Summer 2018


With a front row hosting the brand’s ambassador Novak Djokovic, Caroline de Maigret, Aymeline Vallade, Guillaume Canet, and Marie-José Perec, Lacoste made a much-awaited comeback to Paris. After 14 years at New York Fashion Week, the brand’s current creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista created a collection that ties together the two extremities of the exotic animal that is the modern day Parisian. With rare dexterity, Felipe Oliveira Baptista composed an ideal wardrobe inspired by the ghetto codes of the Matthieu Kassowitz film La Haine, and the bourgeois codes of Eric Rohmer’s Conte d’été.

“Lacoste has always been a brand worn by sociological extremes. At the beginning, it was very implanted in the bourgeoisie since tennis was a rather elitist sport, but in the 80s and 90s, it came down to the streets with kids dressed in Lacoste tracksuits,” explains the label’s creative director. The result? The future “it” piece for Spring/Summer 2018. The 21st century tracksuit is adorned with the iconic braided cords from the Lacoste jacket, but it approaches next season with a chic and casual look. This sportswear wardrobe is adapted to city life and features navy blue and white, the emblematic colors of Lacoste.

“All the borders between what is sportswear and what we wear to work are falling down. As a designer, it’s a very interesting moment to push these reflections further,” added Baptista. Upon seeing his Spring/Summer 2018 collection, it’s clear that the brand’s creative director wasn’t mistaken. Highly desirable, each of his pieces opens a new page in the story of the crocodile label.

The Fendi Fun Fur Coat for Spring/Summer 2018


Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi presented a colorful collection in Milan, and a bold one at that! A special triangulation is immediately apparent: a fabric, organza; a motif, crossed stripes borrowed from tartan; and a tropical palette. The starting point for this Spring/Summer 2018 is Italian futurism, an artistic movement that seeks to depict the dynamic speed of the modern age and of machines. In fashion, Karl Lagerfeld translates this with looks so light, fits so sensual, that the geometry of this new collection brings the audience into a delicious daydream. “A floating architecture,” explained Karl Lagerfeld backstage.

On the runway, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and new recruit Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter, sport pieces composed like “a whirlwind of Caribbean colors and flavors.” The iconic piece in this runway is incarnated by a Fun Fur that looks like candy. This mink summer coat lined with silk chiffon combines powdery beige with the vitality of ocean blue and a burst of green.

This piece bears witness to the Fendi workshops’ mastery of fur. More sophisticated than glamorous perhaps, this new interpretation of the Italian brand’s heritage plays around with shades of color and fascinates with the deft geometry of its components. Once more, Lagerfeld is able to de-bourgeoisify fur by stripping it of its weight and constraints. This object of desire is presented here in its Spring/Summer 2018 version, tinged with a Caribbean breed of carefree.