The New Mizzles By Allbirds: Durability At Your Feet

The first impermeable wool sneakers by Allbirds align design, comfort and respectful solution for the planet!

Allbirds concocted a small revolution for the start of the school year. A pair of wool sneakers baptised the Wool Runner Mizzle that guarantees resistance by rain and an ideal solution for the planet. 

Conceived out of environmentally respectful and fluorine free materials (which do not decompose with time and end up polluting our soil and water), Mizzle also abandoned the rigid form of its fellows. 

One of the cofounders of Allbirds, Tim Brown, is clear: ‘“Allbirds is continually searching for ecoresponsible alternatives to materials traditionally used in the shoe industry”. This is how the two new Mizzle models align design, comfort and environmental interest! A first that will know how to please aficionados of a frankly functional style. 

The Pigalle Heels By Louboutin


It was upon seeing a sign in front of a museum telling tourists not to scratch the wooden flooring with their heels that the French designer decided to only design shoes with tight soles and buckles. At the beginning, these soles were black or grey. After, the designer that is known for his spicy temperament took inspiration from his assistant’s crimson nail polish for the  acclaimed color of his heels.

Interviewed for his book by Eric Reinhardt, Christian Louboutin confesses his crazy obsession for stiletto heels that gave birth to the Pigalle shoe – hypnotic pumps. “In those days I went to the Musée des Arts Africains et d’Océanie, at the entrance there was a drawing of a pump struck through in red. I later understood that this design represented a pump from the 50s with a metallic tip and that it was forbidden because it destroyed floors. One day, while I was at the Foire du Trône, I saw this shoe on a woman that I had only ever seen drawings of. So I followed the shoe, I saw a pair of legs, the legs were walking, and above the legs there was a black skirt, a suit, a high bun… I followed, as if hypnotized, this drawing that was there, in three dimensions. That moment in his life, the bewitchment aroused by this woman and these shoes that he followed… Christian would never forget it – he was blown away by it.

Between jeweled shoes and humorous creations, Christian Louboutin’s designs know how to seduce. A perfect arch, with a plunging neckline, stiletto heels and vermillion varnish as its signature. The sexiest of these stilettos was forged in the image of Parisian cabaret dancers: glamorous, sensual, almost inaccessible. While Serge Larna sang about the women of Pigalle, Christian Louboutin, years later, honored them by naming his mythic shoe after the Parisian neighborhood. His luxurious red sole is at its peak, this object of every fantasy and obsession. It was within the Fall/Winter 2004-2005 collection that the pointed-toe stiletto heeled pump appeared for the first time. Today, it is one of Christian Louboutin’s flagship models and is released every season in new styles and colors. The sculptural lines of the Pigalle take off on top of 12 centimeters of heel, but they exist in other more comfortable heights and even in a flat version. The large collection of Pigalle pumps exists in more than 22 colors.

According to their designer, the Pigalle, more than just a shoe, has two faces: a dual set that works for everyone. “A sexy woman will try on a shoe like the Pigalle and think that thanks to it, she’ll add something a bit chic to her appearance,” he explains. “Another woman, this one very chic, will try on the same shoe and will tell herself that thanks to it, she’ll add something sexy to her appearance.” Sensuality is a promise that is well kept, with these shoes on your feet.


The Cendrillon by Repetto, a Shatteringly Timid Icon


This story is none other than that of the Cendrillon by Repetto, that left the stages of the opera to triumph in town and that, even today, reaps the applause and favor of women everywhere. Indeed, the Cendrillon is available in every possible color, with its fluorescent and pastel shades in parallel with basic colors like black, red, and white. This multitude of colors available is all on top of a diverse selection of materials: varnish, goat hide, velours, crystal, mekong, veal leather, lamb hide, or goat leather. Indented right to the toes, adorned with a small cotton bow that actually allows you to adjust the shoe on your foot, high heeled or down to earth, the Cendrillon perfects any outfit with its timeless vibe that’s always right on point with the latest fashions.

It’s difficult to discuss the Cendrillon, however, without first discussing the history of Repetto itself, since it’s this shoe that gave the brand its triumphant renown. Indeed, it was in 1947 that the founder, Rose Repetto, had the innovative idea to sew the sole of a dance shoe backwards before flipping it back around to relieve the overburdened feet of her son, classical dancer Roland Repetto. This technique, called “cousu-retourné”, was a revolution for dancers because it allowed them to better cushion shocks. This new ballet flat would be an immediate success thanks to the notoriety of Roland Repetto, and would be worn by starred dancers of the Opéra Garnier such as Béjart, Noureev, or Baryshnikov, although it’s success was limited to the dance world.

It would take until 1956 for the Cendrillon to achieve its destiny of an icon. This is when the film And God Created Woman first came out; in it, Brigitte Bardot personally requested to wear a pair of red varnish ballerina flats. The revolution was in motion; the Cendrillon was born. Ever since, women have adopted the shoe to achieve elegance all while maintaining a certain comfort; this is how the ballet flat became an inevitable classic. Afterwards, other emblematic women would wear these ballet flats such as Audrey Hepburn or, later on, Angelina Jolie and Sofia Coppola.

Today, the Cendrillon embodies all the values of the brand and its founder, for whom savoir-faire was primordial, one of the keys to success. The “cousu-retourné” method hasn’t changed and is done by hand in the brand’s ateliers in Saint-Médard d’Excideuil by specialized artisans with a respect for tradition. The second key to the brand’s success definitely resides in their efforts for perpetual innovation, as evidenced by the great variety of styles available, but also the ability to customize these ballet flats in the Ateliers Repetto.

The Cendrillon by Repetto carries with it the memory of this unique story, hardly befitting of an icon, perpetually imbued with classical dance, fashioned by tradition, without lacking for modernity or freshness, allowing women to dance on the stages of the city sidewalks like starred ballerinas at the Opera.

The Hogan H340: Made for It-Boys


Hogan was founded in 1986 with a new lifestyle concept. Modern and pragmatic, the Hogan sneaker is inspired by lines like those of a cricket shoe that adapt to any circumstance. The first example of casual luxury, Hogan sneakers would soon win favor among a number of style aficionados. It’s both chic and refined, sportswear and innovative. Hogan has been considered synonymous with elegance and class since their founding; now the label is renewing their line with the Hogan H340 – a simple and stylish sneaker.

Some of their sneakers made history, and the Hogan H340 seems to have all the makings to do the same. Receptive to the future but anchored in its own past, the new Hogan boasts even more informal elegance – the brand’s signature. For Fall/Winter 2017, Hogan’s aesthetics are getting softened upon contact with the trends of the day to yield a stripped down and pure sneaker. With no details or signature, the new Hogan H340 gets its sports luxury look from its striated rubber soles and oiled finish.

This breed of luxury has already won over millennials like Gabriel Kane Day Lewis, Jordan Barrett, and Presley Gerber. Paired with jeans, Hogan’s sneakers become even more chic without abandoning their street dimension. Made of washed white leather for a more vintage effect, they’re part of a casual and minimalist style.

Prada Slippers are Stunning and Elegant in Italy!


“Prada Style” is unique and original in shapes, colors, and materials chosen. In fact, thanks to Miuccia Prada, the brand continues to surprise us given through a unique perfection and elegance, which alone has the secret.

Targeting a magnet outside the box and playing with fashion, she is presenting each collection punctuated by surprises and essential parts. Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli (her husband) continue to inspire us with chic Italian taste through this sparkling new collection and unexpectedly, the Evening Slippers.

A huge trend this season is turning out to be a good compromise to the original and chic ballerina flat and pump. Miuccia, faithful to thematic kitsch and Baroque offers us precious ornaments and sublime mixtures of substances. Enough to give a moment of madness in her looks, and psychedelic combination refined. Miuccia appears indomitable and unpredictable. “Everyone (note: the creators) has a theory on his own collections today, I’m tired of theories. This collection speaks of fun fashion.”

And the fashion genius makes us happy by giving us the opportunity to be chic and offbeat, a style already refined by sophistication in Italy. Note the details and fine parts, instead of simple slippers in the city; it presents a real Cinderella shoe modern Italians are struck by the fervor and extravagance. Impetuous and ingenious it stands out once again where you do not expect. 

Prada’s shoe collection has a vast and varied accommodation for the new collection which has become a must. Each room decorated with velvet patches, sequins, stones or jewelry, adopted as a valuable accessory, but slightly impetuous and terribly chic.

Prada’s style has its contradictions but Muiccia still subverts the codes and seduced us.

The Gucci Horse Bit Mocassin


1953 was a jam-packed year for the ultra famous design house Gucci. Not long before the death of its founder, Gucci decided to introduce, of all things, horse bits as adornment on the men’s version of their moccasins.

Why horse bits? This equestrian accessory, which helps guide the horse, joins the label’s three other symbols (the GG logo, the stripe pattern and the bamboo). Since their initial release, the brand made horsebits an incontestable icon, present in their jewelry, baggage, and leather goods collections. The Italian brand was highly popular in the cinema popular with many a celebrity at the time (John Wayne, Clark Gable, and Fred Astaire, to name a few), both from Hollywood and its own hometown in Cinecitta.

Women, green with envy, had to wait another 18 years before being able to get their hands on the design. Finally, in 1968, Gucci created the first female version of its horse bit moccasin. Fine-tuned especially for Lauren Bacall silhouettes, this piece would go on to be a great success, all the more so because its flat heel was actually comfortable for the woman wearing it! At the exact moment in history when women began to reclaim their rights and borrow from their male counterparts’ wardrobe (remember Yves Saint Laurent’s female tux in 1966), Gucci was able to materialize a way for women to perfectly assimilate with a style normally reserved for men.

Today, the legacy of the horse bit moccasin is undeniable. In 1962, one of the world’s largest museums entered them into its permanent collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art today houses 4 men’s paris and 3 women’s pairs. More than ever, the horse bit moccasin is a trendy item!


Gucci’s horsebit loafers: Key dates

1953 : Gucci launches the legendary horsebit loafers. In the leather and in the horsebit there are clear references to the equestrian tradition which inspired Gucci since its origins.

1950s – 1960s : The horsebit loafers immediately become a must have: celebrities from all over the world want that object of desire. Among the others Fred Astaire, Clark Gable and Cary Grant.

1959 : Alain Delon poses for an intimate picture with Romy Schneider while wearing the horsebit loafers.

1960 : John Wayne is photographed into a Gucci boutique while trying some horsebit loafers.

1967 : It’s the turn of Brigitte Bardot to wear the horsebit loafers.

1969 : The legendary icon Jane Birkin poses with a pair of horsebit loafers that already became a must have for women too.

1970 : Peter Sellers wears the horsebit loafers.

1974 : Roger Moore as James bond wears the horsebit loafers in “The man with the golden gun”

1976 – 1977 : During and after the shooting of “Taxi Driver” Jodie Foster becomes passionate for the horsebit loafers. The loafers-mania spreads out.

1979 : For the second time, Dustin Hoffman in Kramer vs. Kramer, brings the horsebit loafers in the movies. And in the same years Francis Ford Coppola is photographed while wearing the iconic footwear.

1984 : The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York acquires and permanently exposes a pair of Gucci Horsebit loafers as an iconic symbol of art and fashion design of the XX century.

1989 : Matt Dillon brings again on the screen the horsebit loafers with Drugstore Cowboy.

1999 : Despite the expected revolution Tom Ford gives to the new horsebit loafers just some few key modern touches: new leathers, materials or a disruptive design.

1990s – 2000s : The Gucci horsebit loafer is protagonist in the movies: from The talented Mr. Ripley and Fight Club, to Wall Street, the Wolf of Wall street and Frost/Nixon.

2010s : New millennium, new celebrities. But the Gucci horsebit loafers are still there. Celebrities go crazy for them. Just to name a few, James Franco, who’s also Gucci testimonial, and Bruno Mars.

2011 : For the 90th anniversary of Gucci Frida Giannini launches the “Firenze 1921” collection which includes a limited edition of the Gucci horsebit loafers.

2013 : To celebrate the 60th anniversary of these iconic shoes Frida Giannini gives new life to the horsebit loafer by launching the “1953” collection, in a range of exotic skins and bright colours. 

2013 : For the ad campaign Forever Now Charlotte Casiraghi wears a pair of Gucci horsebit loafers.

2015 – 2016 : The expected revolution comes with Alessandro Michele. The horsebit loafers meet the streetwear trends and the shoes start to display tigers, snake leathers, works of embroidery, fur, or to look like slippers.

Hogan Sneakers Shine for Spring/Summer 2018


For Spring/Summer 2018, the Hogan woman becomes an Urban Gypsetter – a fashion citizen who joyfully mixes urban style with a Bohemian touch. It’s in this vein that the brand has always anchored its activities. The history of the legendary H222 sneaker, the very same one that brought sneakers into the realm of “it” pieces, is a telescoping of styles. In 1986 in Manhattan, Andrea Della Valle worked for Tod’s. In the streets of the Big Apple, he noticed that New Yorkers often went from home to the office in sports sneakers and, once at their destination, would take them off and put on high heels. From there was born the idea of sneakers that could stylishly compete with the demands of both of these worlds.

The H222 wedge sneaker is being imagined in a smarter version for Spring/Summer 2018. Made of an metallic leather, it was created for an ironic yet sublime, cool but unique woman. An iridescent emerald green gives it character. This is one way to style up any walk of life – especially that of the Hogan woman, who’s charismatic and effortlessly chic. Iconic and timeless, the H222 is becoming a bit more inventive without ever abandoning its original ambition; dressing up the working woman from home to the office with nonconformist parties downtown in between. Hogan for Spring/Summer 2018 truly takes flight when paired with an orange satin skirt.

An Ultra-Personalized Gommino by Tod’s


This summer 2017, Tod’s chose to celebrate their absolute icon. With My Gommino, Diego della Valle’s brand is giving clients an ultra-personalization service that allows them to create their own unique version of the legendary moccasin that’s the stuff dreams are made of. A series of pop-up stores has thus appeared in the brand’s most important boutiques: in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Milan, Paris, New York, and Shanghai, the common thread between these new spaces is a celebration of craftsmanship.

With a very colorful scenography, the Gommino was shown like never before. In addition to screens showing videos of the history of the Gommino and the precious craftsmanship that goes into it, the walls were decked out in an array of colors, the same colors offered by the brand. The Gommino Pop Up is imagined as the symbol of a timeless creativity, and a reflection of artisanal abilities meeting the fresh start and wild side of the summer.

The Gommino is thus totally personalized. Men and women alike start by selecting the fabric and the colors. A myriad of choices is offered, with different details like the color of the stitch and an option to have laces or buttons. The best part is the ability to play with the 133 rubber pebbles on the sole, that can now be dyed and repositioned at will. The final touch is the wearer’s initials stamped onto what will become their Gommino. This responds to every taste and desire with a very personal reinterpretation that takes nothing away of the original piece’s charm. On the contrary, the iconic Tod’s shoe is making this summer even more dazzling.


Dover Street Market: On-Point and Non-Conformist Fashion


Opened in London in 2004, the Dover Street Market surprised shoppers right off the bat with its selection of unpretentious luxury pieces mixed with the work of a few unknown designers. “In the beginning, we approached four people: Hedi [Slimane], Raf [Simons], Alber [Elbaz], and Azzedine [Alaïa],” recalls Adrian Joffe. The four all accepted to create pieces exclusively for the store’s launch. Ever since, Dover Street Market has established itself as the natural home of avant-garde, experimentation, but first and foremost an on-point selection of collections from brands that need no introduction. A temple of fashion that’s both liberated and super-specialized, Dover Street Market is also exceptional in that it presents and composes different universes in a precise and different way. Under the auspices of Rei Kawakubo, designer for Comme des Garçons and emblematic queen of avant-garde, the Dover Street Market is designed like an upscale space that’s overflowing with creativity. Conceptualized by the idea of ‘beautiful chaos’, the store never ceases to attract professionals and fans alike.

With her husband Adrian Joffe, Rei Kawakubo imagined Dover Street Market like a store-cum-art gallery. For the first time, a store took into consideration ideas of environmental conservation, which was rarely done before. It also gave sneakers and other accessories a new status as works of art by presenting them like never before. Dover Street Market would soon become a privileged shopping experience – an antidote to conformism and shopping mall culture. Their approach is more than spontaneous, intuitive, and creative. “In Japan, Burberry recently opened a flagship store for millions of dollars,” Rei Kawakubo pointed out in 2004. “It would be the antithesis of that. Luckily we don’t have a lot of money, so we can’t go overboard. We have to find an idea that doesn’t cost too much.” This deliberately anti-luxury manifesto would soon spread from Tokyo to New York.

Dover Street Market refuses to answer to the demands of industrialized fashion, forced to forget the past, pulled towards novelty. That’s why, in 2014, Prada introduced their famous 2008 collection exclusively for Dover Street Market. In 2016, the store got a makeover. With five stories and 3,000 m2 of Burberry’s old headquarters – the very same inaugurated by Thomas Burberry in 1912 – luxury brands and young labels come together here. Gosha Rubchinskiy and Dior, Loewe and Vetements, Gucci and Jacquemus, these universes all collide into dialogue.


Aston Martin x Hogan: a Shoe for Men of Action


Hogan and Aston Martin presented their brand new collaboration last week during Men’s Fashion Week in London. Starting from the idea of an essential shoe for men of action, these two luxury giants brought the world a very special sneaker collection for Fall/Winter 2018. “Collaborating with brands that share our values, quality, aestheticism, and elegance is important for us,” tells Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer for Aston Martin. Aston Martin’s modern and timeless aesthetics do indeed fit this luxury sneaker trend-setter perfectly – Hogan founded its renowned Olympia, the brand’s iconic style, and it’s with these lines in mind that the curves for the new Aston Martin x Hogan shoe were imagined.

Both united by a unique and magnificent craftsmanship, these brands brought the world an exclusive sneaker that reflects with rare precision the elegance of an Aston Martin sports car’s silhouette. The shoe’s leather details come from the same leather used by Aston Martin’s artisans. By enlarging the possibilities of sneakers, this line of shoes pairs leather with nylon once more to balance a casual, refined, contemporary and urban look that’s all-in-all quite timeless. On the shoe’s exterior, leather bands are like masterful stripes of color that watch over the sewed materials with particular attention paid to the details.

The shoe’s tongue is also fashioned in classic Aston Martin leather – with a kestrel color, the manufacturer’s signature, the stitching details majestically incarnate Aston Martin’s iconic wings. Each of these Aston Martin x Hogan sneakers is also created with the same standards of quality that clients of the most luxurious of English sports car manufacturers have come to expect. By teaming up with the master of casual luxury shoes, Aston Martin is taking its first steps into the shoe universe with a piece that mixes sophistication and technology. Available in four colors that fit the shades of the Fall/Winter 2018 season, this shoe will be produced in a limited edition of 3,000 copies. Check it out at the end of June!


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