The Burberry Umbrella: Pure British Elegance

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It was in 18th century France that the stick umbrella first made its appearance. Mostly used in high society, it became a veritable fashion accessory. It would soon evolve and get equipped with a more modern retracting telescopic handle. It would take a bit longer, however, for the English label to make this accessory one of its cornerstone products. The illustrious white, black, and camel tartan, the Nova Check, adorns each of their umbrellas, transforming them into chic and sophisticated pieces. A true mainstay, Burberry is using its innovative spirit to satisfy a demanding clientele and preserve its place in the luxury universe.

In 2014, the brand’s umbrella was the subject of a short film created for the holidays, in which Romeo Beckham was shown gracefully wandering the streets of London and dancing in a Christmas snowfall. “From London with Love” presented the accessory within a dreamy and melancholic atmosphere. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s creative director, took inspiration from successful musicals to bring the touch of “Britishness” the label’s adepts are so keen on to the trenchcoat and the umbrella. Rain will now be your friend with this stylish icon in hand.

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