Hôtel Barrière Le Grand Hôtel Dinard 5 Stars

Hôtel Barrière Le Grand Hôtel Dinard 5 Stars

Icon-Icon experienced the luxury at Hôtel Barrière Le Grand Hôtel Dinard… A 5-star establishment nestled like a timeless jewel of elegance — at the heart of the majestic Breton coast, nestled by the Atlantic, this 5-star establishment embodies the epitome of refinement and comfort, à la Française!

Barrière Le Grand Hôtel Dinard 5 Stars: The Icon-Icon Experience

The story of Barrière Le Grand Hôtel in Dinard dates back to the early 20th century. Built in 1858, the hotel quickly became the favored resort of the British and French elite. It has seen illustrious personalities such as Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, and the Kennedy family…

It was obviously the first hotel in the Dinard resort, a resort that, with its crazy charm, attracted socialists, businessmen, visionaries, and poets! Among them Victor Hugo, Raymond Poincaré, Pablo Picasso, Jules Verne, or even Roland Garros, who trained there!

The establishment has preserved its old-world charm — wrapped in contemporary luxury! “Staying in an iconic place, facing turquoise waters. Lounging on a sunbed by a private pool. Watching the last rays of sun illuminate the ramparts of Saint-Malo. Enjoying the silence, tasting serenity. From its granite walls brightened by white stones, Hôtel Barrière Le Grand Hôtel exudes calm and assurance for nearly 150 years. Facing a unique panorama over Vicomté bay, one of the jewels of the Barrière group reveals an aristocratic soul while offering a particular comfort” smartly describes the hotel of the Barrière group.

In the hands of this epitome of French hospitality, it’s obviously all about the art of living in a hotel that has 89 rooms and a suite.

When entering Hôtel Barrière Le Grand Hôtel Dinard, one is immediately enveloped in a feeling of discreet luxury. The rooms and suites are designed with exceptional attention to detail, offering a harmonious blend of classic style and modern amenities. Panoramic sea views complete the picture, creating an unmatched atmosphere of serenity. A refined and warm atmosphere… designed by Jacques Garcia!

Soft, red velvet and yellow sand, Empire furniture and delicate gilding… The interior designer has managed to marry the grandiose 19th-century facade of the building with 21st-century comfort amenities, with the Coast as inspiration!

Hôtel Barrière Le Grand Hôtel Dinard 5 Stars: Restaurants, Spa, and Casinos!

Two Barrière Casinos, one in Dinard, the other in Saint-Malo.. A fitness center… A pool with water at 28°C… 1 Golden Key Concierge… At Hôtel Barrière Le Grand Hôtel Dinard, one indulges and relaxes around prodigious care!

At the heart of Grand Hôtel Dinard lies a haven of peace spanning 300 m2: the Diane Barrière Spa. A space where excellence and innovation meet, thanks to the fusion between Diane Barrière Spa and two iconic houses specialized in wellness. The Biological Research Methodology and St Barth Line!

The cabins, luxurious cocoons bathed in soft light and soothing colors, offer an unparalleled sensory experience… Experience signed by the architect and decorator Chantal Peyrat — with her “cosmopolitan, friendly and elegant” touch. Among the flagship treatments, the Diane Barrière Signature Care stands out: a re-energizing immersion that combines stretches, strokes, and pressures… A treatment designed to revitalize body and spirit. This treatment, conceived by the experts of Diane Barrière Spas, is the perfect antidote to the turmoil of urban life. A beautiful escape in the heart of Dinard, thus!

But at Grand Hôtel, one also savors! At the restaurant, it’s a marine-accented gastronomy that’s tasted — facing the sumptuous bay of Saint-Malo. “From the large windows of the Barrière Tables of Grand Hôtel Dinard, the bright bay of Saint-Malo reveals itself. Delight in local cuisine and perfectly prepared fish by Wilfried Lacaille at the George V restaurant. Savor, on the terrace, the cocktail “Le 333”. Facing the sea” wonderfully describes the 5-star establishment…

A cocktail imagined by Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis, assiduous hosts of the place during the filming of “The Vikings”… A film that inspires all the decoration of this chic bar. The hotel manager, Thomas Lisnard, interviewed by Icon-Icon, recounts: “A Dinard institution if there ever was one. The bar 333 owes its name and part of its decoration to the film The Vikings, as part of the team was staying at Grand Hôtel. A film shot in 1957… One can imagine memorable end of days here, and it’s certainly during one of these evenings that the cocktail 333, which gave its name to the Bar, was created by Kirk Douglas. It is still on the menu today…”

And in 2023, a very British dish is named on the menu of Bar 333 — a Fish and Chips! “The fish and chips rather served at noon, at the bar, which offers a cuisine that breaks the codes, a little less classic. The Fish and chips which has become a dish of the region, linked to the British appetite for Dinard!” specifies Thomas Lisnard.

Dinard, this enchanting seaside resort, has always exerted a fascination on creative minds, attracting iconic poets and writers. The picturesque coastal landscapes, golden beaches, and walks along the sea have inspired unforgettable works.

For those in search of the ultimate seaside getaway infused with charm and sophistication, this hotel is a treasure to discover. Why not during this edition of the Dinard British Film Festival… One of the most prestigious film events in France and is entirely dedicated to British cinema. Every year since its inception in 1989, the festival celebrates the best of contemporary British cinema…

If Dinard is indeed a land of cinema, as proven by these great films that have set their scenes here: Shallow Grave (1994), The Full Monty (1997), Billy Elliot (2000), Bloody Sunday (2002) or Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)… Then Hôtel Barrière Le Grand Hôtel Dinard 5 Stars, is the haven of this art of living.

And Icon-Icon experienced the Grand Hôtel de Dinard. On Sundays, brunch at George V is a true gastronomic symphony. Facing the splendid bay of Saint-Malo, Icon-Icon savored every bite, every note of flavor… Everything at Grand Hôtel de Dinard is an invitation to soak up the majesty of Brittany while tasting delights prepared to perfection by chef Wilfried Lacaille…

Sitting at Bar 333, Icon-Icon couldn’t resist the temptation of a Fish and Chips. But it was much more than just fried fish. It was a tribute to the British history of the place, a fusion of two cultures meeting in a tasty blend. Light, crispy, with that oceanic sensation!

As for the spa, it’s an oasis of tranquility. The experience of Icon-Icon reached its peak with the signature treatment: a sensory journey that balances the mind, body, and soul. In this space, every detail, every fragrance, every touch is designed to offer a total escape… “In respect of the tradition of know-how and French hospitality” to leave the conclusion to Thomas Lisnard…