Guerlain’s Little Black Dress : The Rose Version

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Guerlain’s Little Black Dress : The Rose Version

Guerlain introduces a brand new take on its iconic Petite Robe Noire -Little Black Dress- perfume. A rose-scented version, elaborated around three surprisingly assembled facets.

Guerlain’s Little Black Dress: Subliming The Rose

If it’s about elaborating perfumes as oflactory poems, Guerlain is the long since master of the craft. Indeed, we owe the universe’s most inspiring scents to the house of the bee; captivating emanations, the likes of Shalimar or Aqua Allegoria.

In 2012, Guerlain was elaborating an aromatic ode to the masterpiece of all Parisian silhouettes: the Little Black Dress. It was a scent built around the evocative power of a duet of roses. This year, the house is releasing La Petite Robe Noire L’Eau de Parfum Rose Rose Rose, a scent which boasts the flower’s seductive power, around a rare and noble combination of three roses.

We owe this composition to Thierry Wasser, Master Perfumer at Guerlain and to Delphine Jelk, an in house perfumer at Guerlain. The latter states that “I wanted to make it as a homage to the rose, to the Soul of the Little Black Dress.”.

Thus, the homage in question was built around a trio of roses. We can find the innate fruity sweetness of Bulgarian rose’s essence, mixed with the tenderness of Turkish Damascena absolute, a signature we owe to the original perfume’s composition. The third rose is no other than the Centifolia, “May’s Rose”; a flower that has always been nestled in Guerlain’s repertoire, now come to magnify The Petite Robe Noire -Little Black Dress- in its Rose Rose Rose version.

With its naturally honeyed accents, the Grass rose absolute bears a sincere love letter to the queen of flowers; rare and precious, the Centifolia absolute is often kept for exceptional scents. Hence the exceptional character of La Petite Robe Noire L’Eau de Parfum Rose Rose Rose.

As the quintessence of the Guerlain style, La Petite Robe Noire L’Eau de Parfum Rose Rose Rose offers a thousand-faced mesmerising wake. “It’s an irresistible ballet, refreshed by the sweet light of rose water, giving the composition a truly compelling grace.”, as Guerlain wonderfully puts it.

It’s in an equally special vial that this perfume is distilled; an iconic object of Guerlain’s heritage, the inverted heart shaped vial has been La Petite Robe Noire’s home since 2012. For the ROse Rose Rose ersion, it boasts a three rose embroidered ribbon, a sign of the limited edition, and a chic reference to the Parisian couture universe which has long since inspired Guerlain.