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Men’s needs sometimes differ from those of women. Take the skin for example: men’s skin is 25% thicker and doesn’t encounter the same problems as women’s – naturally oily, the male epidermis is more apt to hold out in the long run. Pollution, sweat, and shaving are the problems most inherent to men. That’s why Dior’s laboratories introduced Dermo System in 2006. Now its new Essence Perfectrice Pore Control aims to ease the pores by controlling shine to maximize the skin’s radiance.

The solution for faultless skin can be found right here. To regulate pores and shine due to excess sebum every day, this formula is enriched with cooling agents. Softly, like a drop of water on the skin, the serum penetrates instantly. This light Essence doesn’t leave behind any oily residue; what it does leave behind however is a light scent of powdered musk – the olfactory signature of the Dior Homme Dermo System line. 

This daily skincare is capable of meeting several different needs, its formula uniting technology and natural active ingredients. Since virility is hidden in an approach to the senses, Dior’s teams thought up the flask for Essence Perfectrice Pore Control with a graphic, architectural design made of frosted glass. This daily skincare only takes a simple gesture, both elegant and virile.

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