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The Omega Seamaster

The Omega company counts the Seamaster among one of its iconic watches. A timepiece designed for maritime exploits.

Omega is the house that NASA has trusted to send its men into space. It is also the house that has created watches for explorers of the abyss! 

The History of the Omega Seamaster, Marine Exploration and the Olympics 

Created in 1948, the Seamaster is a watch made for the market!

The Seamaster, professional diving watch

In 1932, the Seamaster icon was sketched with the Marine project. A project initiated by Omega to design the first wristwatch dedicated to the requirements of divers.

With its phosphorescent hands and markers, it guarantees good visibility underwater. Tested in Lake Leman, it was the first diving watch to be marketed.

Rapidly, the inventor of the bathysphere, Charles William Beebe, popularized this Omega diving watch. It was, he said, “a real advance for the watchmaking sciences.”

“I carried my Omega Marine to the Pacific Ocean to a depth of 14 meters, where the pressure is twice as normal. Its water and dust tightness as well as its resistance to corrosion represent a real advance for the watchmaking sciences in 1936”, stated Charles William Beebe.

Directly inspired by the Navy, the Seamaster was born in 1948. Year of the 100th anniversary of the house Omega, founded by Louis Brandt, in 1848.

The Seamaster, a professional diving watch, then used the phosphorescent hands and markers from the Navy. In fact, during the Second World War, it was adopted by the British Royal Air Force. A year later, inspired by the ornaments of the Venetian gondolas, the seahorse was engraved on the Seamaster.

It was the beginning of the feats, carried by the Seamaster. With a helium valve to evacuate the gas during the dive, the Omega watches mix scintillating black and midnight blue, for a total underwater trip.

Commander Cousceau, Freediver Jacques Mayol established a world record in 1981 with his Seamaster 120. He dived 101 meters deep.

Tested under extreme conditions with a view to continuous improvement, each Seamaster strives for excellence. The watch combines durability, precision and aesthetics.

Of the various Omega collections, the Seamaster is today the oldest. But it does not benefit less, with each new model they use the latest technological advances.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean was the first watch to combine ceramic with Liquidmetal technology, a zirconium-based alloy.

The result is the material translation of the Omega ambition: increased durability, but aesthetically sublime. 

If resistance is required, the brand does not intend to sacrifice the design of its watches.

Sporty design, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective glass, steel bracelet, guaranteed water resistance up to 500 feet. Everything predestined to face the unknown. No wonder from a watchmaking company that makes myth its daily life.

We remember the Speedmaster, the first watch to have been worn on the Moon, on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist. We also remember that for 80 years Omega has been the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games

The Seamaster And The Olympic Games 

1932, in Los Angeles. Omega becomes the official stopwatch for the Olympic Games. 2012, in London “If you start me up I’ll never stop! From the first notes of the Omega spot for the Olympic Games, we enter the competition, to the rhythm of the Rolling Stones.

From actors, sportspeople, to fictional heroes, one single point in common between all of the Seamaster’s ambassadors: they are all exceptional men, for whom life is a battle in which they throw themselves enthusiastically. To wear the Seamaster is to refuse the habit, it is to take on a challenge.

Omega introduced its official chromereader: the new Seamaster Planet Ocean collection this year.

Little known, the Seamaster was originally also thought of as a watch adapted to the city. No wonder why James Bond wore an Omega Seamaster 300 on his wrist.

In more than one episode since Lindy Hemming, the multi-award-winning costume designer, made her the embodiment of the commander. Refined and man of action, an elegant watch. The essential instrument for a spy.