The Jackie O. of Gucci: The Elegant 60’s bag

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The Jackie O. of Gucci: The Elegant 60’s bag

Its name was Constance, until the divinely fashionable intervention of Jackie O.

Jackie O And The House Of Gucci

1958. The Gucci house publishes a bag made to fit gracefully under the shoulder. Unisex and cut from a malleable leather – it’s called the Constance. And it clearly has all of Gucci grammar: green-red-green stripes, the Guccio Gucci double G, and the Diamantissima canvas.

The history of the Jackie bag

Both glamorous and practical, nomadic and elegant, the piece pleases but fails to provoke this famous sovereign desire. Finally, until this day in 1964 when a certain Jackie O. pushes the door of a Gucci store.
The most fashionable first lady in the galaxy falls in love with her – not two or three models. Jackie O. comes out of the store with six Constance bags!

Very quickly, it is of all its outputs. From the streets of New York to its idylls to Capri , the Gucci bag completes its allure already strongly marked by this almost casual chic.

The air of nothing, Jackie O. has in fact made enter a bag into the legend. That same year, Gucci paid tribute to him and renamed the Jackie bag.

Consequently, a number of personalities followed in the footsteps of the first lady. Men or women, Britt Ekland or Peter Sellers, Samuel Beckett or Barbra Streisand. All are pictured with the Jackie bag on the shoulder!

The Jackie Gucci Bag, The Opportunity Of Allure

The arrival of a Tom Ford at the head of Gucci creation in 1998 does not change the aura of the icon – the Texan is revamping it, sales are exploding! Explosive materials and colors fiercely ignite the keys to Gucci grammar.

In 2009, it was Frida Giannini’s turn to reinvent it. She enlarges it, adds pompoms and, playing with Guccio’s favorite material, aka bamboo, seals its closure with a bamboo clasp. Terribly chic!

The Alessandro Michele tourbillon only added to the Jackie’s appeal. Playing with crazy charm on Gucci grammar, the genius Michele adds tiger heads, butterflies, plays with straw and mirror ornaments.

To the point of confusing the Jackie with the features of the Dionysus bag. Yes, it is in these flashes of extreme creativity that we recognize the true icons of fashion – those able to embrace their time with chic and detachment. Very Jackie after all.