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Ever since its founding in 1833, Jaeger-LeCoultre has never ceased to surprise the watchmaking world. Playing with the inventive spirit of their founder Antoine LeCoultre, the brand has since brought us a collection of pieces as exquisite as they are iconic. Rich in history and savoir-faire, the manufacturer is this year celebrating its 85th anniversary with one of their most dazzling creations in recent years: the Reverso One High Jewelry timepiece.

A condensed slice of femininity, this watch is inspired by the first Reverso models created for women in the 30s – but this time, its character more closely resembles jewelry. A true gem for the wrist, the stellar beauty of the Reverso One High Jewelry is instantly revealed upon contact with a burst of femininity. Reusing the Reverso gadroon motif, three rows of diamonds frame the time. Transformed into a piece of jewelry in its own right, the lightly rounded Arab numerals, almost as if hand-drawn, graciously come to life on a nacre dial worked liked rays of light accompanied by a reversal of the casing. The black aventurine dial, profound and sparkling just like stardust, adds a touch of poetry to the piece. An ode to femininity in all its shades, the Reverso One is here transformed into an iconic and transdisciplinary piece.

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