Iconic Scarves: From Gucci, Pucci to Hermès

Iconic Scarves: From Gucci, Pucci to Hermès

Iconic scarves are among the most versatile fashion accessories. Speaking of which, here are the must have iconic scarves, from Gucci, Pucci to Hermès!

Small sizes for maximum impact – scarves, twillys and square scarves, are some of the most versatile and alluring accessories! A simple addition to inject a touch of elegance and chicness. So here are the iconic scarves that Icon-Icon has specially selected.

The must-have scarves

What is more iconic than the Hermès scarf? The Hermès scarf is more than just a scarf, it’s an heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Versatile, colourful and incredibly luxurious, this design was created by Henri d’Origny, the artist behind many of the Hermès iconic signatures.

Dior also has a fabulous scarf, the Carré Toile de Jouy Sauvage.

The Toile de Jouy has long reigned over the house of Dior with its ability to tell so many beautiful stories. From the salons of 30 Avenue Montaigne to the recent Maria Grazia Chuiri and Kim Jone’s collections, the Toile de Jouy accessorises Dior’s creations with a rustic elegance. And especially this square!

Iconic Scarves

In 1966 Gucci designed a scarf especially for Grace Kelly.

1966. She visited the Gucci flagship store in Milan to buy a Bamboo bag. Delighted and overwhelmed to have the princess as a customer, Rodolfo Gucci made sure to give her a present. When asked what she would like, Grace Kelly opted for something cheerful and colourful, a scarf. She designed the Flora scarf, with a fantastical print inspired by a Botticcelli painting!

Iconic Scarves

What about Cartier? Introducing the Carré 90 Panthère Art Déco. Inspired by Jeanne Toussaint who created the house’s most iconic pieces, and the extravagant style of mixing jewels, stones, colours, shapes and styles like no other!

Jeanne Toussaint, nicknamed the panther, was the creative director of Cartier between 1933 and 1970. She was responsible for some of the most beautiful pieces, in particular Art Deco, which can be seen on this square scarf!

Gianni Versace drew inspiration for the fashion house’s logo from Greek mythology: Medusa and her snakes. This scarf references yet another Greek motif dear to the house of Versace – the Cup of the Gods. This motif once displayed on Athenian palaces is now referenced in many Versace designs.

Iconic Twillys to style

First of all let’s start with, the Hermès Twilly! Here it is in its most iconic version, the Ex-Libris design. This pattern the Ex-Libris or the Duke harnessed was chosen in 1923, a design by Alfred de Dreux, which became the logo of the most luxurious house in the world!

Iconic Scarves

Where can you find a scarf rich in Dior symbolism? The Dior Oblique twill Mitzah. First of all, there is of course the monographic design, but above all the reference to Mitzah Bricard, Christian Dior’s friend, muse and advisor; who was in charge of Dior hats. It was rumoured that she used to tie a cheetah print muslin to her wrist to hide a scar.

A silk twilly headband in camellia print, Coco Chanel’s favourite flower, famed for its perfect symmetry and dandy symbolism!

The house of Emilio Pucci is instantly recognisable and has been since the 1950s. Since its establishment, the house of Pucci, founded by the private Marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento, has made shimmery and swirly prints a signature classic!

Now for Pucci’s signature graphic on a silk scarf, here the king of prints presents a pop of sensuality in a fresh and elegant twilly.

The house of Versace draws its extravagant luxuriance and flamboyance from its southern Italian roots. Over the top and utterly splendid, this scarf ties in features from the chain print, a signature print of Versace directly inspired by Roman antiquity.

In this selection you will find a game changing accessory!

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