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This is a first: the creative director is coming out with a Watches and Jewelry short video. Glen Luchford received the honor of putting Madison Stubbington and Laurie Harding along with their Icon, Diamantissima, and GG2570 styles into images within a powderpuff atmosphere that hints at Italian baroque aristocracy. Glen Luchford, ex-photographer for legendary magazine The Face, is a regular for Gucci photo shoots. Ever since Alessandro Michele has been at the helm of creation, the collaborations have just kept on coming. This time exploring a bit further the juvenile insouciance of his first campaigns created for the new director of Gucci, the artist is this time exhibiting the first stirrings that come together around the notion of beauty.

Under the direction of Alessandro Michele, Glen Luchford is transforming these pointed yet nonchalant aesthetics even further in order to present us with the new Gucci Watches and Jewelry collection. Stylized like bucolic flora, explored through the prism of a love as fragile as it is figurative, blossoming flowers, rubies, blue sapphires, and grey diamonds on a bed of yellow gold, this collection of jewelry is called “Le Marché des Merveilles”. To the rhythm of an enrapturing music, Glen Luchford’s camera then brings the eye towards Gucci’s new watches – the GG2570 collection that gives a more baroque than minimal look to the wrist wearing it. This stylistic treat will be available in the fall.

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