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The Cartier Fine Jewelry Collection

Named (Sur) Naturel, the Cartier Fine Jewelry collection introduces, in 2020, an organic ode to nature – between abstraction and figuration, thanks to its exceptional craftsmanship!

The 2020 Cartier Fine Jewelry Collection

We know of the Cartier house due to its extraordinary talent for transfiguring the common into unparalleled jewel. Juste un Clou or the panther of Cartier are all jewelry figuration of a universe where joke is mixed with technical prowess.

But this time, the Cartier fine jewelry collection is aiming for something else. What makes the modernity of a piece of High Jewelry in 2020? It is no longer to oppose the representation of reality to its most extreme stylization. An abstract pattern like stripes becomes figurative by evoking the nature of a zebra. This is the story of (Sur) Naturel explains Pierre Rainero, director of Cartier image and heritage.

Seeking the poetry of the jewel more than its realism, Cartier ends up with new jewelry pieces, which manage to go beyond the limits of realism. Subtle and surprising, the new Cartier jewels are based on the colors and lines of eminently precious stones to create evocations rather than representations.

We can guess all the heritage of the “king of jewelers and jeweler of kings” in the ethereal use of gold, emeralds, coral or even diamonds and onyx. The spotted gold here evokes the iconic Cartier panther.┬á

A transfiguration which stylizes fire, water, fauna and flora in magical volumes because they are grandiloquent. It is for example the Sinop├ę necklace which undulates like a stream – cut around diamonds and lapis lazuli, studded with five oval sapphires of Madagascar of 39.22 carats. Inventive and quasi-organic splendors thus revive all this new Cartier Fine Jewelry collection.┬á