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Hogan Interactive Icons

First in the luxury sneakers market, Hogan is without a doubt a house apart in the matter. It is the Hogan Interactive icons that best tell this story.

Hogan Interactive Icons, First Luxury Sneakers

The Vision Of Diego Della Valle

The emblematic CEO of Tod’s is assisted by his brother, Andrea Della Valle. It was he who had the idea in the 80s to launch a sneaker, but of luxury. After having traveled for the umpteenth time in the United States, he notices the habit of New Yorkers who go to work in sports basketball. Once in front of the offices, they swap their suits/basketball for a silhouette completed this time with shoes city.

It must be said that in the 80s, Diego Della Valle can assure full confidence in his visions, and those of his brother. This, since a decade earlier, it was once again by noticing the shoes of the pilots of a rally which Diego Della Valle attended in the United States, that the idea of ​​the iconic Gommino came to him.

So, in 1986, in Manhattan, Andrea Della Valle was convinced of it. Basketball will prevail in the world of elegance. Like his brother before, he sends the raw idea to the family workshops in Brancadoro, in the Marche region. And as for the Gommino, the sneakers signed by the Tod’s workshops will set new luxury standards.

The Tod’s group thus founded Hogan and, from the first collection, it was the model in white canvas mounted on a light and inflated rubber sole that attracted attention. Called Hogan Interactive, we recognize these sneakers with the imposing H that stings the shoe. The icon is in the process of being enthroned.

The Iconics Hogan Interactive

We know the iconic H from the house of Hogan for having been the first luxury sneakers designed for city life. In 1986, the house of the Tod’s group, in fact innovated around a pair of sober but luxury sneakers. A clever blend of Italian refinement and practicality essential to urban life.

Canvas sneaker with its eight metal eyelets and its contrasting sole. Launched in 1997, strong and proud of its modern and sophisticated elegance, the iconic H sneaker from the house of Hogan is easily acclimated to style and quality. audacity of the time.

Inspired by the world of cricket, it is suitable for all circumstances. From days-off to unexpected trips, the Hogan quickly conquered its stripes as a sneaker icon.

Concise and precise, the H sneakers, designed as the first example of casual luxury, travel towards all styles with incredible versatility.

Through the seasons and inspirations, Hogan Interactive assures its status as an icon a little more.