The Gucci Double-G, an Echo of Eternity

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Everything started with the death of Guccio Gucci, the famed founder of the Tuscan luxury house, and the successive inheritance of the enterprise by his sons Aldo, Vasco, Ugo, and Rodolfo. By using the initials of the man behind Gucci’s edification, Aldo Gucci gave birth to the famous double G logo in homage to his father. Ever since its creation in the early 50s, this logotype has been an emblematic one and incarnates Italian luxury, fashion, and style. The emblem that the two-G logo represents is often considered the most popular and internationally recognized haute couture house logo. Originally used as a clasp for handbags, from the original workshop on Via delle Valdaie in Florence, the logo is composed of two locks depicted by Guccio Gucci’s initials. This dynamic mixed with the color black represents harmony, domination, as well as the brand’s excellence, notorious character traits that are still indubitably present in the modern brand’s DNA.

 Similar to Guccio Gucci’s insatiable desire to unify Tuscan artisanship with the elegance of the English nobility that he surrounded himself with during his work at the Hotel Savoy, the double G has never ceased to metamorphose and evolve without ever falling short of its own image. Whether molded into gold or silver, woven in the most luxurious of textiles, or slapped onto leather, the Gucci logo has followed the ascension of the legendary brand and its telltale green-red-green stripe. The clientele of the day, primarily consisting of rich aristocrats and stars with evocative names such as Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor, or Samuel Beckett, allowed the brand and its famous initials to spread around the world. At the same time photographed on the big names in cinema and in high society, the GG logo brought Gucci’s values front and center for all to see. Infinitely used on a countless number of models and new aesthetics, from a rounded form to an upside down version, the GG logo is a symbol of luxury but also of Gucci’s contemporariness as well as its values that, while definitely having evolved, still remain close to those of their creator.

Whatever the form it takes, the double G has been able to transgress generations. Whether made of gold, crocodile leather, stamped on suede, woven in silks, or now adorning computer and iPad cases, it’s the link between the rich heritage of yesteryear and the Gucci label’s promising future. Indissociable and synonymous with absolute luxury, this surprising burst of clarity, simple but ever so telling, isn’t finished yet with making dreams come to life for the savviest among us, and all the more under the excellence of Gucci’s artistic director Alessandro Michele.

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