The Fusalp Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

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The Fusalp Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

The new Fusalp collection combines English chic with its DNA athleisure for pieces specifically designed for the whims of the season!

Fusalp Spring/Summer 2022: Chic And Technical

The emblematic house at the origin of the “Alpine spindle” – Fusalp continues its evolution towards a chic and technical ready-to-wear. . For the Printemps/Eté 2022 collection orchestrated by artistic director Mathilde Lacoste, Fusalp offers a man and woman wardrobe designed to withstand the vagaries of the weather.

Fusalp is first and foremost the story of a pair of Annecy tailors – Georges Ribola and René Veyrat; two experts who combine their talents to revolutionize the expertise of winter sports wear.

It was 1952 when the Fusalp saga began; and while stretch was upsetting the sewing workshops, Georges Ribola and René Veyrat decided to use it differently. With exceptional precision, the couple manages to draw clean lines and close to the body. The spindle was born, along with the chic and slender silhouette of skiers.

Today in the hands of the heirs of Lacoste, Fusalp still combines fashion and technicality around a brand recognizable between a thousand.

«It is from the precision of the gesture that the purity of the lines, the perfection of the curves and that the pace is drawn» as the house notes.

Mathilde Lacoste imagines a wardrobe for men and women that revolves around the idea of stacking jackets, sweaters and accessories Mathilde Lacoste imagines a wardrobe for men and women that revolves around the idea of stacking jackets, sweaters and accessories.

Designed for men and women, the Fusalp trench coat is made of waterproof technical twill — with its structured cut, it is anchored in the straight line of Fusalp’s ski look!

Chic, aesthetic but technical — the collection offers impeccable items in this sporty, durable and elegant spirit… The very spirit of Fusalp!

The highly technical and high-performance sportswear fabrics that make the heart of Fusalp’s expertise beat are, this time, put at the service of the creation of these ready-to-wear pieces!

Items that the house details as: For Her, a versatile, technical and elegant outdoor wardrobe that offers the same level of protection as clothing designed for sport. Trench coat, jackets and vests are embedded by timeless details and available in neutral colours.

For him, items with classic elegance that are worn from one season to the next, whatever the weather. These clothes, designed for urban getaways, make it possible to build a half-season dressing room, protective that adapts to our lives in motion and accompanies us throughout the day.”

A collection definitely in phase with its time, to discover here.