Hermès square scarf dress up the dandys of F/W 22

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Hermès square scarf dress up the dandys of F/W 22

Véronique Nichanian offers a Hermès wardrobe where the iconic Carré Hermès subtly dresses dandies à la contemporary elegance!

For Fall/Winter 2022, Véronique Nichanian has once again collaborated with Cyril Teste to stage the Hermès collection for men. Leading the menswear collections of the house for decades, the Carré Hermès, a key piece from the Hermès textbook, upholds a gesture of masculine elegance.

 It’s the dandy effect. A way to dress, to mix things up, to feel good and appealing  she said regarding the matter.

carré hermès for man

Thus cut in silk and cashmere, the Carré Hermès for FW 2022 is worn with a flannel suit, herein replacing the tie! Additionally, the other Hermès code that we spot in this collection is none other than the official color of this house which embodies the pinnacle of luxury – the Hermès orange, of which the story can be found here.

carré hermès for man

Cut in what Véronique Nichanian called exquisite satin, an orange jacket was introducing this code into the world of outwear. A casual wardrobe which gives off a sensuality coupled with a very French elegance!

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