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The Imperial Court now fits in your plate. Exclusive invitee of the Shangri-La Paris, Chef Yuan is the undisputed master of Peking duck and has been for over 30 years. Former chef at the Kerry Hotel and in two different restaurants in Beijing, this illustrious chef is bringing all the tradition of the Middle Kingdom to the West.

For close to a century, this recipe has sastified generation after generation. Spiced with jujube wood, cooked for 70 minutes, then tenderly sliced, this duck is meant to be eaten warm and crisp. A symbol of the Sino-French heritage that is deeply present within the Shangri-La, it will be accompanied by Chinese-style crêpes and small pieces of bread to bring you on a journey to the heart of Asia. Omnipresent within the residence of Prince Bonaparte, its legacy still shines on in various forms. Don’t waste another second to take part in this fabulous feast. Reservations required – make sure to specify “Chef Yuan” – price of 160€. Note that the number of ducks is limited to 15 per day.

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