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Shaking things up with a reversible dial in 1932 under the name “Basculante”, the 30s also saw the introduction of the “Asymétrique” and the “Oblique”. One of the more original models was the “Crash” of the 60s, but Cartier has never lost sight of its true essence. There’s a trace of reminiscence here, for it was in beholding the British army’s Mark I battle tank, what with its armored body supported by two rolling tracks, that Louis Cartier first had the idea to create this watch.

A true emblem of sophistication, seductive and streamlined, it’s been sported on the wrist of personalities in every era: Andy Warhol, Jackie Kennedy, former French President Jacques Chirac, actor Alain Delon, even Michelle Obama, to name a few classics. Oh, and did we mention Madonna, Anna Wintour, and actress Simone Signoret? Pierre Raneiro, image and patrimony director for Cartier, affirms: “This is how you recognize a strong style: it’s possible to transform everything while still staying true to its original design.”A prime example of this, Cartier is decking out its Tank Folle with grey gold set with diamonds, rounded out by a delicate bracelet in brushed canvas illuminated by a sunny dial, with Roman numerals and sword-like hands in a blueish steel. A jewel with liberal curves, this little treat for the wrist keeps all the fantastic extravagance of the “Crash” watch, worthy of Alice in Wonderland herself. This timepiece isn’t satisfied with simply telling the time: a true masterpiece of an exercise in orderly disorder, it’s only available in 200 numbered copies.

The Tank watch still isn’t finished breaking the rules to keep surprising us more and more!

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