The Reverso In Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Yearbook For Its 85th Anniversary

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Jaeger-LeCoultre has been honoring the art of photography in the pages of its Yearbook for 10 years now. To celebrate this 10th anniversary, in addition to the Reverso’s 85th, the manufacturer is placing the framework of its legendary timepiece at the heart of the narrative around a theme that is particularly salient when it comes to the brand’s unique savoir-faire: revealing the unexpected. The brand’s iconic watches can be found here along with a number of other surprises, while several stories follow the connecting thread of Reverso’s own mechanisms.

The Reverso never ceases to surprise all while turning back on itself to allow a different face to emerge. Ever since its initial creation, these characteristics have become timeless: the watch and its reversible case, along with its intense blue hands and indexes, are all definitively anchored in an era that’s hungry for rejuvenation. Created in a time when all efforts were focused on technical progress, the Reverso associates aesthetics and technical prowess. Ever since, this wise mixture of elegance and sportiness has satisfied all the brand’s wildest aspirations.

This is exactly what the 10th edition of the Yearbook is going back on in photos set on glossy paper. A form of aesthetic maturity is apparent in this book that has a twist – you have to turn it to keep reading! The first part is an exploration of a multitude of hidden aspects through shots as aesthetically pleasing as they are arresting; the second highlights two of Reverso’s faces while celebrating its Art Deco inspiration, then allows a number of artist duos to express all the ambiguity of its double-faceted nature. Finally, photographer Laziz Hamani puts the link between polo and Reverso into images in yet another set-up inspired by history!

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