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The Hublot Logo, Seal The Fusion

Hublot is a master in the art of fusion – or when the use of new materials leads to innovation in watchmaking art.

Hublot Watches Mergers

From 1980 and its foundation by Carlo Crocco, the Hublot house stood out in the fusion of innovative and unexpected materials. First there is his mantra, ‘the art of fusion’ first expressed in a watch where the use of natural rubber for his bracelets mixed with that of gold. The association of rare materials; daring for the time!

Next comes the Hublot brand and seal. We recognize a Hublot watch in that it very often combines amazing mechanisms, innovative materials and new techniques. It is then recognized by this seal, affixed discreetly. An H in motion, like a constantly evolving know-how. The features common to all these watches – a screw dial that appeared in 1980, and buttons stamped with the H logo.

In terms of materials, we mixed gold and ceramic, tantalum and rubber, Kevlar and pink gold without gene. 2007 marked a turning point in this area. Materials almost non-existent in watchmaking are emerging under the leadership of the house of Hublot – platinum and nomex, carbon fiber and zirconium, magnesium, cermet or Hublonium, an alloy of aluminum and magnesium.

The Hublot Icons: A Constant Reinvention

Among the watches that have made the Hublot reputation, there are icons constantly reinvented. The Big Bang, a cult watch, was created in 2005. The diameter has varied (38, 41, 44 or 48 millimeters), the look has changed, but still has the natural rubber strap.

Because the Hublot house likes to celebrate its favorite universes, from football to contemporary art via F1, many Big Bangs have come to take on their features and colors.

Version Jose Mourinho or Calaveras. Sport is also in the spotlight in the Big Bang Alps or in collaboration with the house of Ferrari for the Big Bang Unico Ferrari in 2016.

Another Hublot icon, the Classic Fusion is also reinventing itself at will. With the Richard Orlinski version, that for Juventus, and more recently with the Classic Fusion AeroFusion Chronograph UEFA Champions League. Objects of desire, innovation in addition!