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Fusalp is a brand as innovative as it is stylish – thanks to them, the very first ski suit hit the slopes during the Portillo world alpine ski championship. The year was 1966, and France alone brought home 16 medals including 7 out of the 8 gold up for grabs. This was the moment when skiing also become a fashion event. Today, the Ingrid ski suit is celebrating 50 years of emblematic history and competitive skiing, the perfect occasion to go back on a getup that is now as iconic as it is indispensable.

The Fusalp ski suit would be nothing without the ski pants of the same name. Ever since its initial creation in 1952, Fusalp was designing the first pair of technical ski pants to be worn by the French ski team in the 60s. ‘Le Fuseau des Alpes’ became the must-have piece for entering into any competition and would also enter the city dweller’s wardrobe decades later. Practical and pragmatic in equal measure, stylish all while remaining sexy, Fusalp is today rereleasing its mythic pants. This strong and historic piece is incarnated in a wardrobe that’s suited both for sports and the city with the same light-heartedness as always.

The 50th anniversary of the ski suit is opening the door to a number of new releases. To celebrate this, Fusalp is reinventing the ski suit by creating an exceptional version with unique elegance, rich with half a century of savoir-faire. The Ingrid suit is named after Ingrid Buchner, a German stylist who worked with the label from 1965 to 1984. Paired with pure lines, it guarantees a well-designed tapered silhouette. Its retro-chic look is sure to satisfy urban weekenders in the Alps all season long.

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