Tod’s Celebrates The Completion Of Restoration Work On The Colosseum

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It was “a duty, a pleasure”, assured Diego Della Valle, head of Tod’s. Renovating this mythic structure was no doubt near and dear to his heart. In 2011, he proposed his sponsorship to the city of Rome with no ulterior motive other than a desire to see the monument regain its original glory. The Colosseum is indeed the biggest amphitheatre built under the Roman Empire – its construction began somewhere between 70 and 72 AD under Emperor Vespasian and was completed in the year 80 under Titus. This is the heritage of Italy, the very essence of the aesthetics and luxury that today fill each of Tod’s’ creations.

And it took three years to restore it – three years during which artisans hired by Tod’s minutely dusted off and rehabilitated every nook and cranny of the Colosseum. Cracks, fissures, pollution, erosion… The list of offenders was tall to begin with. Starting with an agreement with the City of Rome’s Department of Archeological Patrimony, the renovation saw the completion of the North and South facades.

The current arc-shaped structure was also renovated to leave room for new, more malleable metal doors. Restoration is still underway in the Colosseum’s underground passages. This mystical, mysterious, and ingenious system is today coming back to life thanks to Diego Della Valle; the operation is yet another reminder of Tod’s commitment to the arts and world cultural heritage, particularly that of Italy. By putting this symbol of the country back on its glorious feet, Tod’s is doing much more than just adding its own touch to the edifice – this figurehead of luxury is rearing its head and proclaiming loud and proud a love for all that is Made in Italy!

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