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Ibiza is special! Carved like a swan, the Balearic island welcomes the worthy heirs of beatnik lifestyles and beliefs.

SPECIAL Ibiza: Journey To The Paradise Of Hedonism

Whether they are clubbers, jet-setters, neo-hippies, or hedonists, the populations there, even if they meet only rarely, cohabit in outstanding tolerance. Ibiza certainly is the ideal peaceful destination.

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The telluric energy is the result of a cultural and ethnic mix as it has rarely been seen. In the wake of the hippie community which made it its first gathering center in Europe, the island gained international notoriety. In the 1960s, artists were electrified by its magnetic vibrations.

There was complete freedom. Meanwhile, counterculture figures like Bob Dylan or Bee Gees musician Kevin Ayers have come to experience it. “Joy Of A Toy” was composed there… Then came the 90s and its clubbers.

Like a land of promise, the wild and spiritual Ibiza welcomes the Little Princes of the Earth.

Beyond the old traditional clay dwellings inherited from the Arab era from the 8th to the 14th centuries, by the dirt roads, it is a real wild flight of poetry that disinhibits the man from everything, leaving ecstasy within reach, in all its incarnations.

The full moon celebrations in Benirras…

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From the heights of Formentera, the white square houses – “the payesas“ – the rivers, the creeks and the white sand encompass the concept of a dolce vita made of freedom, love, and harmony. We like to dance outside, under the stars, feet in the water, where the sun rays of a cerulean sky caress the body. An embodiment of well-being and a mindfulness experience!

A land of passage, Ibiza welcomes artsy concept stores but also bohemian restaurants. Design hotels adjoining fisherman’s huts welcome the soul to experience earthly pleasures.

Its villages trace their routes far from Saint-Tropez, an atmosphere with which is often wrongly compared. Far from being just a cool and entertaining place, Ibiza embodies an inspiring message of bravery, which suits all nationalities. The best spots on the island cannot be summarized: they are everywhere!

As soon as the summer begins, the season kicks off: each night, the clubs make a different DJ the shaman of a spontaneous and intense crowd. The intriguing Ibiza is meant to be experienced.

What To Do, What To See, What To Test In Ibiza?

Ibiza owes its reputation largely to the Pikes hotel, created by Tony Pike. A legend.

“At Pikes, we only had 2 rooms when we started in 1980. (…) It was in 1982, a man entered the hotel. He said he was looking for a place to shoot a music video. He said Pikes was perfect…” That man is George Michael. And the clip of the hit “Club Tropicana”, broadcasted all day on MTV, preaches the hedonism of Ibiza to the four corners of the world.

Several emblematic stories of Ibiza have taken place there. Donna Summer and Grace Jones took the party scene to new standards. But the most iconic? Freddy Mercury’s 41st birthday. The most lavish party held at the Pikes Hotel!

Thousands of black and gold helium balloons. Thunderous fireworks. 350 bottles of Moët & Chandon champagne. And a cake in the shape of Sagrada Familia by Gaudi.

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Suddenly, the 90s came. In 1987, a group of British DJs discovered the island and brought a totally relaxed approach to music. Called Balearic Beats, this movement launched the Second Summer of Love.

The Amnesia club, which has been in existence since 1976, served as a favorite venue and carried the transformation of Balearic Beats rhythms into Acid House. This is why Ibiza is such an iconic destination today!

“In the early 2000s, we puffed out our chests and told everyone we met that Ibiza was the coolest place on the planet,” says iconic DJ Pete Tong

Founded in the 70s, Pacha was already a well-known club in the 90s… Always inclined to play House.

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The iconic Carl Cox spread his magic at the old Space Ibiza, for 27 years, until 2016.

1999, at DC10, Circoloco parties made Ibiza mega-iconic with the Airplanes x Clubbers diptych. The flyers were made by the great artist Maurizio Cattelan.

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Ibiza’s new heroes are no longer hippies or rockstars. But the DJs… Black Coffee, Jamie Jones, Steve Aoki, Sven Väth, Solumun, David Guetta, Marco Carrola, The Martinez Brothers.

Ibiza never ceases to inspire fashion, art and luxury. From Loewe to Chanel, Dior… Ibiza is always a good idea!