Hôtels particuliers de La Rochelle

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A new dive into the large carriage doors of La Rochelle’s streets — in this book, a well-informed historian takes us on an instructive and ecstatic tour of these small palaces characterised by their taste and extravagance! 

Authors: Jean-Louis Make, Yann Werdefroy

Publishing House: Geste

Publication Date: April 2021

After Trésors d’architecture de La Rochelle in 2019, Jean-Louis Mahé (for the texts) and Yann Werdefroy (for the photos) have joined forces once again to offer you an opportunity to discover the town houses of La Rochelle. Did you know that the historic centre has nearly a hundred of them, from the Renaissance to the dawn of the 20th century?

But what is behind these high walls and monumental portals? Often beautiful stones and magnificent timeless gardens where the mind enjoys travelling and rediscovering the ways of life of the past. Do you want to experience history? Then follow us, join us in opening these heavy doors to discover the treasures of the Rochelais heritage!