Obut Teams Up With Tournaire To Create The World’s Most Expensive Three-Piece Pétanque Set

For over 40 years, Philippe Tournaire has played with architecture, symbolism, and chromatic assembly. As creative director, this father watched over the legacy of Tournaire as his son took over the reins. This story resonates with that of the Souvignet family, who for 60 years have been perpetuating an expertise in crafting pétanque boules. Pierre Souvignet, President of Obut and his son Romain, the Director-General, have preserved this authentic savoir-faire from generation to generation. The “Alchimie” three-piece boule set, fruit of the fusion of these two brands, signals the beginning of a new era in which luxury takes on everyday objects.

This audacious boule set is adorned with 180 grams of gold and encrusted with over 12 carats of diamonds. The jack weighs no less than 55 grams of gold and is encrusted with a number of diamonds as well. The three boules are marked with a linear series of squares, circles, and triangles made of diamonds, giving them a couture edge. These three geometric shapes are none other than the mark of Tournaire. Philippe tells us that the story behind the “Trilogie Alchimie” collection is that these three shapes represent the three stages of evolution in life. The square is the rigidness of the past, the triangle the perfect balance that incarnates the present, and the circle the fullness and wholeness of the future. This “Alchimie” three-piece set is appraised at 100,000 Euros.

This surprising partnership proves that there’s nothing contradictory about pétanque and diamonds. Tournaire and Obut dazzle us with a thousand facets to defy the Biblical proverb: “There is no new thing under the sun.”

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