Chanel Monsieur Superleggera Edition Watch…

Chanel Monsieur Superleggera Edition Watch…

The Monsieur Superleggera Edition watch by Chanel — when the codes of the Cambon street fit the Italian coachbuilder Superleggera… The Icon in the public eye!

Chanel Monsieur Watch: Superleggera Edition 

Introduced in 2016, the Monsieur watch inaugurated the line of watches exclusively designed by the House of Chanel for men! Graphic, elegant, powerful, and above all following the emblematic codes of the house, the watch has managed to conquer the men who prefer to see the style of independence on their wrists!

This new version, having embraced the vibrant and aesthetic character of the racing car by the Italian coachbuilder Superleggera, The Monsieur Superleggera Edition watch by Chanel shows off a technical elegance being sportive and unprecedented! Rounded aesthetic lines, naturally refined and sophisticated, The Monsieur Superleggera Edition watch by Chanel offers an exceptional and fascinating contour due to the high-tech aluminum…

But there is more behind it…

Monsieur Watch: Vibrant Fusion

Designed as a perfect melange of the 2005 J12 Superleggera and classic Monsieur watch by Chanel, the Superleggera Edition Monsieur by Chanel offers a purified digital graphic art directly at Chanel couture!

When it comes to the specificity of the Chanel Monsieur Superleggera Edition watch, it is Arnaud Chastaingt, director of Chanel’s Watchmaking Creation Studio, who put it in the best way: “Superleggera – a legendary name! An emblem synonymous with excellence and exception is found in a number of the most elitist racing cars. Monsieur MONSIEUR SUPERLEGGERA watch claims this elegant sport heritage. The signature “Superleggera” is appended in red against the black background like an automobile speedometer. In this case, I should have said its bodywork, is in high-resistant ceramic, which is the material 7 times harder than the light steel. Its engine is a great mechanical nobility as it is about Caliber 1…”

Driven by the first movement, the Caliber 1, designed, developed, and assembled by the Chanel Manufacture, the Monsieur Superleggera Edition watch redefined again the codes of watches for men with a vibrant sophistication!

“The emblematic red signature Superleggera – typographically resembling the epicurean culture of the great automobile tourism – appeared at 12 o’clock. The red color is powerful. It suggests the passion and desire to move forward. It also incorporates elegantly dresses the 60 on the small second’s dial and the small arrow pointing to the jumping hour window, ” points the House of Chanel out.

Intensively black – Gabrielle Chanel’s color of passion – the 42mm-wide watch is eye-catching with its matte black guilloché dial and its black nickel finish… A subtle power itself that evokes the codes of the heyday of motorcar sport and the love of fine mechanics. The fabulous hours of automobile history may be discovered in this selection of amazing books.

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