J’adore by J’adore de Dior


There are some perfumes that seem to have always existed; we feel like they’ve accompanied us since forever. Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, and Marilyn Monroe never knew J’adore by Dior, and yet, their presence in Jean-Jacques Annaud’s commercial is natural, even rooted in a compelling necessity.

J’adore is a fragrance for the quintessential Dior woman: timeless, elegant, powerful. This is exactly how Calice Becker, the master perfumer responsible for the fragrance’s initial conception, wanted it. Her only constraint was to respect the true spirit of the Dior brand.

“After women, flowers are the most divine creations”, fantasized Christian Dior. For J’adore, Calice Becker wanted to capture the aura of a bouquet of flowers bathing in soft, ponderous sunlight. A delicate union of violet, champaca flower, and orchid, with undertones of blackberry musk gracefully blending with amaranthine. In distilling the entire concoction, Calice Becker makes the radiant and delicate essence of a flower spring forth into the nostrils.

Embodied by Carmen Kass at the time of its initial creation in 1999, then by Charlize Theron since 2004, J’adore has the power to deck out any woman who puts it on in gold.

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