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Versace has always imagined clothing with a glamorous approach. A regular on the red carpets, crazy about cuts and the sexiest fabrics possible, the brand created by Gianni Versace has borne glamour, opulence, and Italian extravagance since the 80s. Silk, leather, leather and silk, or metallic mesh that becomes even more delectable when embroidery meets printed motifs, Versace never holds back!

Donatella’s surprising creativity has today brought her to establish a number of silhouettes worthy of Versace, but in fabrics never before used by the brand. For the 2017 season, the brand’s creative director is reformulating the notion of glamour upon contact with fabrics like nylon. And not just any nylon: this is precious nylon from Japan. The Versace dress is cut in this brand new fabric, where sexiness and sensuality are turned upside down by a train that almost seems ready to take flight. About its design, Donatella notes: “Coming out with something unique and luxurious is the challenge that I set for myself this season. This is a collection that evokes freedom of women: freedom of movement, of activity, of fighting for your beliefs, of being who you want to be.” This process goes through the use of a new fabric – making for a surefire must-have.

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