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“I try to think like a woman with strength, getting together like in times of war, on all sides. We’re living through a very difficult moment. And frightening. I don’t know what the future will hold.” This is how Donatella Versace summed up the idea behind her collection. In the clothing, this is translated by pragmatic pieces that play a bit less with volumes to espouse the body and give it a new energy. With more fluidity allowing for the body to move, the clothing’s cut also mixes with more soothing motifs: flowers and slogans of equality, love, and loyalty.

Giving power back to women seems obvious to Donatella Versace; so obvious that she’s this time attempting to express that solidarity is the ultimate source of emancipation. This is a sexually confident woman – a strong woman indeed, but also incredibly alluring.

The Versace woman is one who opts for a strong, glamorous wardrobe that’s politically involved but soothing all at once. Their silhouettes are still available in black, but Versace is also rethinking see-through and the meaning of weakness along with it. These new oscillations find a particular echo in this engraved dress, fragile upon first glance but strangely reinforced by the embroidered flowers that are as beautiful as they are powerful.

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