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Venice: Iconic Restaurants

Venice ! Venice! An essential city for aesthetes, revelers and other epicureans, the best restaurants in Venice can be discovered below in this selection by Icon-Icon.

The Best Restaurants in Venice: A Food Journey

Venice… La Serenissima; the city which has inspired so many brilliant artists, from poets of Goethe’s era, Musset to the most daring contemporary painters, notably introduced to the world during the mythical Biennale (International Art Exhibition)…

“Venice is a dream set on the seashore”, Maxence Fermine writes in Le Violon Noir.

Venice is unique, both architecturally and historically. A veritable epicenter of pleasures and an unique way of living – Venice offers unforgettable experiences. Starting with the gastronomic experiences!

In Venice, there are many starred restaurants and it is often in an idyllic setting that they offer a taste of the most unsuspected delights, in an atmosphere that is itself enchanting.

We discover seafood and specialty products owned by Venice… This selection by Icon- Icon of the best restaurants in Venice lets you discover them and get charmed by the great Chefs.

Starting this selection with inspiring and starred dishes – the Glam Enrico Bartolini restaurant.

Here, the multi-starred Chef Enrico Bartolini offers, in the very words of the Michelin guide, which awards him 2 stars: “the marvelous harmony of intense flavors and an entire vegetable universe —especially aromatic herbs – of a surprising variety. ”

venice restaurant

As one of the best restaurants in Venice, Oro Ristorante is rumored to be the first restaurant to earn a Michelin star . “Spectacular… starting with the journey which, by crossing one of the most beautiful postcards of the lagoon, will take you to the mythical Cipriani hotel. Its restaurant offers you a gastronomic experience full of emotions, a successful alliance between French technique and Italian products, sometimes coming from the hotel’s own vegetable garden…” The guide said.

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The tables overlooking St. Mark’s Square are among the most requested in Venice — and on the menu, starred cuisine is to be enjoyed, which the Michelin restaurant confirms: “Quadri is the contemporary expression of the Venetian gastronomic tradition, interpreted by the chefs Silvio Giavedoni and Sergio Preziosa who elevate the products of the lagoon: fish living at shallow depths, vegetables from Sant’Erasmo, shellfish and, in season, game.”

Venice best table

The restaurant of the iconic Danieli hotel — a breathtaking view over La Serenissima and a menu which ties in the cultural and culinary heritage of Venice, between East and West… The menu thus combines local dishes with spices and flavors from elsewhere!

Described as an enlightened vision in line with the rich history of Venice, Wisteria offers dishes “that are inspired by Venetian tradition and do not hesitate to use a few exotic ingredients, particularly from Asia. A surprising and original cuisine with interesting combinations, ideal for those who like to think outside the box and try new gastronomic experiences.” And all of this, according to the Michelin guide which crowned the restaurant with a star!

venice best restaurant

Another great restaurant of the lagoon: Zanze XVI. With a creative and starred cuisine — a charmed Michelin writes: “A bit like the great merchants of eons ago, the young Venetian chef returned to the country after having studied in Asia, filled with knowledge. As a result ? A surprising high-level cuisine that could be described as a fusion in the way elements from here and Asian ingredients are skillfully merged together. Original, stunning, masterful.”

At Venissa Ristorante Ostello, in which the setting allows you to enjoy the magic of Venice, the Michelin Guide, perfectly describing the experience of Venetian gastronomy, writes: “A cuisine of great finesse. Worth the trip! Top quality products, an obvious finesse of execution, pronounced flavors, a consistency in the execution of the dishes.”

Local lives up greatly to its name — The Michelin guide, in a convinced tone, notes: “A contemporary Venetian cuisine, that is the gastronomic agenda of the young chef who revisits with intelligence and brilliance the great local classics. On the menu are recipes of character with clear and very distinct flavors, thanks to the integration of authentic culinary pearls from the lagoon (hence the name of the restaurant)”

Fancy an incomparable terrace to enjoy the sun beaming over Venice in its golden rays? Riviera Ristorante is best! A light and tasty cuisine with, as a bonus, a splendid view of the sunset, on Giudecca island…

Amo by Stark has the most prominent view over Venice. A fabulous experience, exemplary cuisine and an extraordinary place designed by Philippe Starck — created by Massimiliano Alajmo, the youngest chef in the world to have received three Michelin stars, the menu reveals iconic and sublime flavors unique to Venice!

Finally, we end this selection on a restaurant greatly appreciated by the locals. Venetians’ favorite — deceptively simple but always exquisite, Chef and co-founder Bruno Gavagnin’s daily seafood dishes are a delight!

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