Tod’s Together: Italian Generosity

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Tod’s Together: Italian Generosity

Echoing the very particular period that the world is going through, the Tod’s house is embarking on an ambitious project – Tod’s Together, or Italian generosity.

Tod’s Together, A Multiple Project

The idea of ​​Diego And Andrea Della Valle

As we know, the group founded by Diego Della Valle is committed to more than one plan – defense of Italian crafts, patronage for the preservation of the priceless heritage of humanity, like the Colosseum.

Now the global pandemic is inspiring new solidarity at Tod’s. Called Tod’s Together, the new project unveiled by Diego Della Valle aims to convey the values ​​dear to the home.

Generosity. Authenticity. And the love of exquisite craftsmanship.

Thus the Tod’s Together project was imagined as an “open stage”. An “all-round communication concept” specifies the house.

The idea? Decline various initiatives by Christmas to tell with authenticity and delicacy what makes “together”.

The First Chapter Tod’s Together

For its first initiative, Tod’s Together deploys its vision of friendship around an ethereal campaign. A true celebration of the pleasure of meeting, captured by the famous photographer of the Magnum agency, Alex Majoli.

But instead of professional models, Alex Majoli based his vision on a cast of known talents but more unexpected. The result is photos where generosity and the joy of life are transmitted, in a setting capturing a realistic vision of what makes us be together. To discover from September.

A first “benevolent and elegant” initiative which freezes “the values, the taste, the emotions and the” know-how “which have always symbolized our DNA” notes the house.

And it is true that there is something charming in this first part of Tod’s Together. What put us on the right Gomminos… Tod’s!