Tod’s Outdoorsy Silhouettes for Fall/Winter 2017-2018

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Tod’s is conceiving of Fall/Winter 2017-2018 as the occasion to celebrate open air markets. By imagining a wardrobe made for charming and liberating leisure, the Tod’s woman becomes a wanderer next season. Composed as such, the silhouette is worked around the brand’s choice fabrics, perfecting leather upon contact with pragmatic cuts that are elegant but still highly stylized.

With the perfectionism of their Italian workshops, Diego Della Valle’s brand takes on the essential refinement of a spirited activity to translate the functionality of street codes into a luxury as precise as it is precious. Good taste abounds in this full-leather combo, neutrally graphic with an alluring touch as red and beige naturally come together. This is pure Tod’s style.

The color palette is redefined around soft and comfortable shades – it appears that Tod’s sought to work with luxury around that which has the most bearing on the body itself. The iconic moccasin under the Double T banner is imagined around a padded leather with a diamond motif. With fall colors that become pastels through the strength of a sublime leather, the Gommino becomes the ideal shoe for getting some fresh air while out and about.

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