The fall/Winter season is officially here and brought wind with it. Icon-Icon offers a selection of high-end plaids to snuggle up in or coat your home.

SPECIAL PLAIDS: The Most Luxurious Pieces To Spend The Winter

Plaids are undoubtedly THE must-have piece to hold onto this season. This selection gathers the most iconic, luxurious, and mellowest throws to snuggle up.

Of course, this focus opens with the H Plaid Diagonal by Hermès, the world’s most prestigious house.
Signed by the most prestigious house in the world, it offers something to cover yourself with a smooth and divinely woven cashmere. With its saddle stitch finish, the Hermes plaid takes the very codes of the saddlery to new heights of comfort and luxury. Made in Nepal, the Hermes blanket offers a journey of the senses without leaving home.


Blankets are the instrument piece of our inner cocoon. Loro Piana’s plaid stands by as the quintessence of luxury. Made out of high-quality cashmere, this blanket by Loro Piana cares for the senses and creates a peaceful, sophisticated atmosphere interior space.

© Loro Piana

The Dior plaid, which takes up the mythical oblique cloth pattern, blends cashmere, virgin wool, and silk. A conjunction between a historical motif and a contemporary weaving technique. The perfect accessory for evenings spent chilling.


Worldwide famous for its unique cashmere, the Italian house Brunello Cucinelli rightfully finds its place in this selection. The house puts all its know-how into this warm blanket of pure cashmere for a comfy, elegant interior space.

© Brunello Cucinelli

Another style means other codes. Jeweler Cartier prints its totem animal, the panther, on a cashmere blanket of the most Parisian. Made of merino wool and cashmere, its hand finishing and red color bring the iconic codes of Cartier to the interior of the house.


The house of Gucci signs the woolen plaid with GG pattern, like Guccio Gucci, the most vintage of this selection. This plaid inspired the codes of the British aristocracy, which inspired the young Guccio Gucci in the 1920s!


At Versace, the Medusa-patterned blanket offers Italian glitz and mastered opulence.


The French house Yves Delorme Couture designed an even more exceptional plaid. Made out of wool, silk, and cashmere, this blanket was designed to cover your bed, your sofa and distills the style and elegance of your interior space.

© Yves Delorme COUTURE

A bit more affordable but as refined, we find the plaid by Ralph Lauren. The Jeté de lit Northam by Ralph Lauren is a knitted blanket that provides lightness, comfort, and warmth. It features a color block of neutral tones and is accented with a contemporary “RL” pattern on each corner,” as described by the house founded in 1967.

© Ralph Lauren

Eric Bompard’s success lies in his manufacture and know-how. Its cashmere blanket is a reference and pays tribute to french minimalism and elegance.

© Eric Bompard

Missoni’s signature is as simple as it is effective: a zigzag pattern and knit fabric. So when Missoni enriched its Home collection with the Timmy Throw, it was bound to find its place in this selection of the most beautiful throws of the 2022 season.


At last, Maison Cachemire seals this selection with its twisted cashmere blanket. Made of fine and soft cashmere, this throw is much more affordable and will likely become your best friend throughout this season.

© Maison cashmere

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