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Impeccable black bangs, emblematic red lips, a mischievous regard barely hidden underneath glasses with a curly wrought iron finish. An entirely black and white allure, a clean, graphic strand. This is Chantal Thomass, queen of capricious, titillating lingerie, popular with elegant, romantic types.

Chantal Thomass is a pioneer in transcending genres. Before she took an interest in lingerie, it was modestly practical, almost invisible, with frou-frous and other originalities reserved for cabaret beauties. At the end of the tumultuous 60s, Chantal Thomass became revolutionary in her own right, laying claim to the femininity in ultra-feminine undergarments.

Passionate about couture and styling, she extolled lingerie first and foremost. It was by diving into turn-of-the-century archives, where hussies and burlesque dancers showed off underwear worthy of their name, that she found the inspiration and reinvented the lingerie of her time, that until then covered too much, was too cheesy, too old world, even inexistent. In 1970 she presented, within the context of female liberation, her first collection that had the effect of a bomb: garters, corsets, a myriad of outrageously sexy and exceptionally pin-up worthy pieces, all meant for a new woman. A bolder woman, in charge of her own sexuality.

Lingerie, until then relegated to sheaths and perpetually rising panties, was taken on by Chantal Thomass like a fashion designer, with new collections coming out each season. The corset was brought back into style and has become the brand’s essential piece. Each season, these iconic corsets evoke an out-of-the-ordinary craze. They become the type of lingerie that offers glamour and seduction, to be worn above or below the clothing as desired. The garters are detachable, the bustier refines and plumps the silhouette, the finishings from apiaries to pleats, silk satin to fishnets, all make for a truly charming number…

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