The Tod’s Collection And The Gommino Of Fall/Winter 2020

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The Tod’s Collection And The Gommino Of Fall/Winter 2020

Walter Chiapponi’s first collection for the Tod’s house, this one draws from the roots of the label the attitude of Fall/Winter 2020. What if elegance was the ultimate snub to conformism?

The Elegant Man Dressed In Tod’s

For his first collection as artistic director of Tod’s, Walter Chiapponi reactivates the T Club – these men who have made Tod’s know-how the key to their lives. Rather of their “savoir-vivre”. Known for its smooth and exquisite work on leather, the house has long offered a precise but nonchalant wardrobe. A cloakroom cut for the men in search of beauty. And it is precisely this cloakroom that Walter Chiapponi reactivated for the Fall/Winter 2020. He specifies “I started by studying the archives of this house really apart, but my biggest inspiration this season is Monsieur Diego Della Valle. A man of taste who has a huge collection of art and beautiful objects. “

Italian Style? Gommino Tod’s

For his first collection, Walter Chiapponi, formerly of Givenchy, Valentino, Gucci and even Bottega Veneta, distilled a very familiar aura. Lots of Italian style, but Tod’s version. “I wanted to find this typically Italian taste bud” – where the houses engage in unbridled creativity, he makes Tod’s the guarantor of a noble and distinguished wardrobe.

But beware, there is a lot of rebellion in there. The kind of rebellion carried by the dandies. Against the grain, Tod’s men sport the classics with a crash. At their feet, the iconic Gommino distills its almost eternal character but, this time, stung by the T reappeared from the archives.

Yes, the T recently seen on the Timeless bag, is making a comeback and signs the Gommino of Autumn / Winter 2020. Cut in calfskin or suede, formal or chunky, the Gommino loses nothing in character more than perfect. On the contrary – at the instigation of Walter Chiapponi, he flirts with a vintage look that is more current.

A bit seventies, still as stylish, the silhouettes of the Tod’s men of next season complete the answer – craftsmanship and elegant gesture are undoubtedly the last bulwark against conformism.