The Tiffany Blue – Colour Of Love

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The Tiffany Blue – Colour Of Love

As LVMH has just acquired the emblematic Tiffany’s house for 14,7 billion euros, let’s go back to colour emblematic of the Tiffany’s universe: Tiffany blue, or the adored colour. 

Since its creation in 1845, Tiffany & Co has defined the canons of elegance, celebrated the most beautiful romances, sealed the most sincere loves with utmost sophistication. It is at the heart of the blue coloured box now become iconic that are nestled the highly desirable jewels. All over the world, the blue Tiffany box has become a reference – a sign the literally makes the heart flutter. “I believe that there was first a willingness to symbolise an idea of optimism, energy and New York. Love. It is even proved by entirely serious scientific studies that when you expose men and women to this blue box – the heart beats about 20% more quickly. Which is stupefying!” Underlined the previous general director of the house, Frédéric Cumenal, in 2014. 

Selected by the founder Charles Lewis Tiffany for the cover of the very first Blue Book – the exquisite collection of artisanal jewels by the house – the colour transformed itself into a universal sign of luxury and voluptuousness.. A tint that evokes the escapism, calm and freshness of an aquatic setting: the  Tiffany blue is all of that at once. In 1906 already, the New York Sun reported: Tiffany posses, in his store, something that he will refuse to sell you no matter the amount of money you offer. This thing, and he will insist to give you one, is one of his boxes”. 

Even today, the simple sight on one of these boxes arouses in all of us the feeling of a great gift. Through this blue, eminently complicated to receive, Tiffany & Co captures in reality the ambitious dream of a desirable world of legends. A world where clients fond of charm and magic are adorned by the marvels of the jewels. Yes, the blue box of Tiffany’s encloses much more than a treasure – it signals the excellence of the house’s master artisans as well as man’s eternal love for beauty!

The Tiffany Blue in a few key dates

The years pass but the Tiffany’s house continues to carry promises and dreams through its legendary Tiffany Blue

2018 : For its spring campaign, Tiffany’s shows Elle Fanning coming out of a black and white world and diving into a world covered in blue 

2018 : A new blue-dialled watch, the Tiffany Micro Watch, is launched for sale

2018 : In relation to the Greenhouse Project, Marilyn Minter creates a house filled with silver Tiffany jewels on which the colour blue is reflected 

2017 : The Christmas campaign, Tiffany Christmas, puts to the forefront the little blue box 

2017 :  During the presidential transfer Melania Trump offered Michelle Obama a Tiffany’s gift, recognisable by the blue box

2017 : On the fourth floor of its New York flagship, Tiffany’s opens its Blue Box Café

2017 : Tiffany’s edits a new Blue Book

2016 : After the annual Blue Book edition, a Blue Book Gala is organised

2015 : The new Blue Book is remarkable –  made spectacular by the Turquoise Necklace

2015 : The Christmas campaign, Joy comes out from the Blue, puts forward the blue box

2014 : The Tiffany & Co house patents the famous blue box

2014 : A new blue-tinted Tiffany & Co boutique opens on the Champs Elysées

2014 : Valeria Garcia creates a Christmas campaign putting forward the Blue Tiffany 

2013 : A third edition of the Blue Book is edited, present many pieces in Tiffany Blue and makes the occasion for a Gala

2013 : For its Christmas campaign, A Very Tiffany Holiday, the house puts forward once again the value of the blue box – but this time revisited with a red ribbon 

2013 : The Rockefeller Centre is lit up in blue for the Blue Book Call and a giant blue Tiffany box is exhibited in the front 

2013 : For its 175th birthday, the house creates a series of rings set with a fancy intense bluish-green diamond of 2,51 carats

2011 : In its Christmas campaign, Blue is the colour of dream, Tiffany’s puts forward only its pretty blue box

2010 : The Christmas campaign, Have yourself a Marry little Christmas, Tiffany’s puts forward in particular its blue box

2009 : The Christmas campaign, Give voice to your heart, has the famous blue box as its centre piece

2002 : In the film, Sweet Home Alabama, Patrick Dempsey makes the most romantic of proposals to Reese Witherspoon in a Tiffany’s boutique amidst blue boxes

1961 : Tiffany & Co launches a guide on etiquette with the cover in the famous blue colour

1906 : Charles Lewis Tiffany declares that all Tiffany products must be sold in their blue box and that all blue Tiffany boxes can only be obtained through the purchase of a Tiffany Jewel

1897 : A second edition of the Blue Book is edited 

1889 :  During the Paris Exposition Universelle, a blue Tiffany pavilion is mounted

1845 : A pouch, bag, and case come to complete the packaging 

1845 : Charles Lewis Tiffany chooses to deposit the Tiffany Blue at Pantone 

1845 : A first edition of the Blue Book is published 

1837 : The first Tiffany’s jewels are already sold in a little blue box