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Born with a desire to capture the electrifying energy and Art Deco aesthetics of the city that never sleeps, the T Collection by Tiffany’s originally payed hommage to New York with this line that’s is getting in 2016 five additions.

Creative director Francesca Amfitheatrof has no equal when it comes to elaborating the emblem of a new era. Dedicated to cosmopolites everywhere, the collection bears within it the values of changing times. Out with diamond-encrusted exaggerations, in with the new styles of Tiffany T Wrap whose graphic angles unite with softened lines to enthrone a diamond that subtly brings the piece to the next level.

All in all, one bracelet and four rings are being added to the Tiffany’s T Collection – a bold and clear line that offers endless possibilities for superposition and accumulation. It’s even available in three different colors – pink gold, white, or silver. Elegance reigns supreme! Elegance for Christmas !

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