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Before swapping its diminutive for an even more English-sounding one, the Speedy was called “L’Express”; created in 1930 to be a travel handbag that was a smaller version of the Keepall. From 1933 onwards, the Speedy Monogram LV was an enormous success; but it took more than 30 years before one of the most gracious and elegant women of all time made it her loyal companion. In the 60s, Audrey Hepburn helped make it devilishly desirable, all while popularizing its existence: the French luggage maker even gave in to her request that an even smaller style be conceived. The Speedy 25 thus entered the race. Thanks to Audrey Hepburn, the bag becomes a luxurious holdall who’s aesthetic could only meet the expectations of urban, modern, and chic newcomers. Offering an optimal amount of space in its large interior packet, its wide zipper allows for easy access to the contents, protected by an engraved padlock. Its ability to be carried by hand or on the shoulder gives it a female allure.

At the dawn of the new millennium, the Speedy crossed paths with the brand’s new creative director, one Marc Jacobs. The line was refreshed: it became more modern with new finishings, like the zipper tracks and brass rivets. Nevertheless, the bag didn’t lose anything of what made it a casual and desirable accessory. On that note, when Marc Jacobs decided to invite different artists to customize the iconic bag, he seemed to open the way for what women are still looking for today: customization. The first to alter the logo was Stephen Sprouse when, in 2001, he dared to print neon prink graffiti on the luxurious monogram canvas; two years later, Japanese pop master Takashi Murakami stuck a Multicolor Monogram on it, since become one of the brand’s signatures… In 2012, the label innovated by presenting its icon equipped with a shoulder strap. Women rejoiced: this is what it was missing to definitively anchor it in modernity. In the same year, the Monogram Empreinte came out, ever as elegant. Today, it’s possible to choose the size (25, 30, or 35 cm), the canvas (Monogram LV, checkerboard, epi, multicolor, varnish…) and even to get your initials engraved on the Speedy.

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