The Return Of The Alaïa Tube Dress Ror F/W 22

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The Return Of The Alaïa Tube Dress Ror F/W 22

Alaïa Tube Dress… Pieter Mulier’s second collection Alaïa proved the artistic director’s ability to give a second life to the brand’s iconic pieces.

Azzedine Alaïa was known to glorify the female body around three-dimensional cuts — sexy and sensual, Alaïa style is first and foremost a vision architecture-like created by the body and for the body. And since Pieter Mulier took over the creative direction of the brand of the late couturier, he has been committed to giving life back to the iconic signatures of the Alaïa style. Sculptural, Pieter Mulier’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection has put the iconic Alaïa Tube Dress back in the heart of the house.

Thus placed at the heart of meticulous formations which combine leather jackets, denim and tube dresses… The Alaïa signature hinted at a new and exclusive way of dressing – a couture based on a technique particular to the house, nicknamed “Spanish dresses”.

In their white knitted versions, the tube dresses thus empowered women to be even more triumphant— sexy and vestal… Regarding the silhouettes, Pieter Mulier said: “They scream Azzedine to me. There’s this rough, pagan beauty about them – ultimate goddesses!”

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