The perfect gift for Father’s Day!

Cognac de caractere

The Cognac Camus offers a unique sensory journey in the heart of the terroirs and vineyards of the house and it is even more the case when it comes to the Cognac Camus of Character, meticulous combination of cognacs. The perfect gift for Father’s Day!

Camus Character Cognacs: The Exceptional

In the five generations that the Camus House has been in the hands of the founding family, the philosophy has remained the same: creating the most perfect cognac, in harmony with the nature surrounding the Camus family estate. In December 2021, the house introduced a bespoke collection of Cognacs: the range Cognac de Caractère, composed by three different accents of an intensely aromatic cognac.

Working as hard as goldsmiths, the artisans of Camus’ expertise magnify Cognac by expressing, in every aromatic detail, the complexity and grandeur of the Camus terroir. The Camus cognac gains in assertive personality around three accents: Floral, Spicy and Fruity!

“Selected for their strong personalities, our Character Cognacs reveal aromas that will delight every palate. You can choose from the three accents of the Collection to satisfy every Cognac lover and fine spirits» advises the house Camus who, on the occasion of Father’s Day, recalls that this range is a unique gift, and well inspired!

Designed for the pleasure of the eyes, of the nose and of the palate, the Cognac de Caractère range is available in customizable bottles!

“From the cap to the label and the embossing, one can choose from a selection of colors and materials to make each piece unique. As a token of an exceptional gift, the name of the recipient is added to the label by the Camus artisans,” Camus added.

The Floral accent, a mix between rose, jasmine, and honeysuckle, works to awaken the palate when in contact with the union of Colombard, Folle Blanche and Ugni Blanc.

The Spicy Accent, around vanilla, cinnamon, and coffee, reveals a sweet and spicy personality ending on coffee notes.

The Fruity Accent offers pears, grapevine peaches and grapes aromas in a Cognac with a fresh and round attack, followed by a sweet final note.

Now, all one has to do is choose between the Floral, Spicy or Fruity accent.