The Peekaboo Spring/Summer 2015 by Fendi

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This famous bag is directly inspired by a childhood memory that we all have, one that is particularly dear to Silvia Fendi, the designer. Dubbing it the Peekaboo, she’s making reference to the namesake game that consists of hiding your eyes with your hands before removing them, creating a surprise effect for the amazed child. The bag’s architecture mimes this mischievous action, oscillating between dissimulation and exposition. It’s almost like a confession: the two parts that compose it stealthily, surreptitiously, open and close. The front pocket can be left open, a suggestive negligence. It also boasts a decorative interior lining, often leather, and often even more remarkable than the exterior of the bag itself: this is the “peekaboo” effect. A playful game, a game of style, the bag juggles appearance and intimacy between what’s outside and what’s inside. It’s a voluptuous type of seduction.
The Peekaboo may already be celebrated universally, but it is also ultra personal. Available in numerous colors, materials, designs, and combinations, it can also be custom ordered. From supple veal to snakeskin and raffia, the Peekaboo is a true chameleon, metamorphosing with the unique goal to please each and every one. For the Spring/Summer 2015 runway, it makes an appearance in bright colors in a resolutely young spirit, distinguished, but ever in the tradition of Fendi.

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