The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond, A Record-Breaking Gem

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Robust, profound, pure, straightforward. Since the 20th century, this precious blue diamond has never ceased to take people by surprise. Taken from South Africa’s Premier Mine, with a straight-line shape and few facets, this delicious gem once belonged to Sir Philip Oppenheimer, successor of Otto Oppenheimer within the prestigious De Beers group. This family-owned enterprise once distributed 80% of all the diamonds sold in the world. Today, it’s at Christie’s in Geneva that the fabulous rock is set to find a new owner. This London-based auction house which recently celebrated its 250th anniversary presented one part of the dazzling private collection of Princess Gabriella de Leinigen, the Breguet watch that belonged to Charles-Louis Havas, and this year’s show-stopper, the Oppenheimer blue diamond, on May 18th. After 20 minutes of frenetic rivalry between two of the rock’s admirers, the diamond found a buyer in Geneva for the tidy sum of 51.24 million Euros.

“Of all the blue diamonds we’ve ever auctioned off, this one is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in 30 years of my career. It’s unique, magical, and it outstrips the rest!” According to Jean-Marc Lunel, director of Christie’s jewelry division, this 14.62 carat gem possesses an admirable simplicity that only “highlights the diamond’s true color, thus making it more valuable”. Presently, the “Oppenheimer Blue” is the most expensive cut stone in the world and thus takes the mantle from the 12.03 carat “Blue Moon of Josephine” which previously held the record. That diamond was acquired in November 2015 by illustrious Hong Kong businessman Joseph Lau for $48.4 million. Exquisite and synonymous with bedazzlement, Sir Philip Oppenheimer’s legacy still shines on today…

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