The New Tie & Dior Jewelry

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The New Tie & Dior Jewelry

Victoire de Castellane applied the tie and dye technique to the precious finery of the new Dior Fine Jewelry collection. A collection with curves and dazzling colors which further enhances the vision of Monsieur.

The New Tie & Dior Jewelry By Victoire de Castellane

It all started with the idea of ​​introducing the tie-dye textile dyeing technique into the new Haute Joaillerie collection by Victoire de Castellane for the Dior house. Already used for the Fall / Winter 2020 season by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the workshops have worked on jewelry pieces with eloquent curves of Monsieur’s grammar.

Pieces that showcase this dyeing technique on the iconic codes of the house. After revisiting the iconic Rose des Vents, the stunning dresses are the starting point for this collection. But this time, the precious jewels are tinged with a very Dior playfulness! What other talent of the house than Victoire de Castellane could have made it possible here to create the new Tie & Dior jewels, even more overwhelming.

If Victoire de Castellane worked on this technique in a spirit of Fine Jewelry, Dior attires do well to take over silhouettes day by day. Precious, the new Tie & Dior jewelry certainly is. But they are first and foremost the fruit of Dior inventiveness – it transforms couture or jewelry virtuosity into the ranks of everyday life.

The new Tie & Dior jewels are making around more than one hundred pieces, colors caressing the senses, and brightening up Dior’s jewelery magnificence with almost pop tones.

With the realism that she knows best, Victoire de Castellane cuts her choker or pendant necklaces, her bracelets, double rings or her asymmetrical earrings in a gradation of precious stones as bewitching as they are charming!

And if we know Monsieur Dior’s love for soft colors , this is the first time that Victoire de Castellane has created a jewelry association.

The Tie & Dior collection is indeed a revolution – so many exceptional stones and pearls, in various sizes and shades, have never been worked together!

This collection illustrates the versatility and address of the Dior style. It takes skill to manage and to combine so many colors, lines, and sizes, in a harmony that is simply exquisite to the eye!

Round, oval, pears and shuttles…gradients passing from pink to white, from green to gray. The finery, carved by the spirit of Victoire de Castellane, prolong the intensity of rubies, sapphires, emeralds or spinels in compositions offering their swirling pigmentation!

By diverting the expected spirit of a Fine Jewelry collection, Victoire de Castellane once again plays with classic codes to inject something fabulous! The Tie & Dior collection is indeed a journey into the universe of Avenue Montaigne, the mischief that makes the sublime in addition!