The New Mizzles By Allbirds: Durability At Your Feet

The first impermeable wool sneakers by Allbirds align design, comfort and respectful solution for the planet!

Allbirds concocted a small revolution for the start of the school year. A pair of wool sneakers baptised the Wool Runner Mizzle that guarantees resistance by rain and an ideal solution for the planet. 

Conceived out of environmentally respectful and fluorine free materials (which do not decompose with time and end up polluting our soil and water), Mizzle also abandoned the rigid form of its fellows. 

One of the cofounders of Allbirds, Tim Brown, is clear: ‘“Allbirds is continually searching for ecoresponsible alternatives to materials traditionally used in the shoe industry”. This is how the two new Mizzle models align design, comfort and environmental interest! A first that will know how to please aficionados of a frankly functional style.