The New Dior Variation Around The Rose des Vents Icon

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The New Dior Variation Around The Rose des Vents Icon

Victoire de Castellane placed one of Christian Dior’s charms on the Rose des vents jewelry line. A dreamlike collection, all in symbolism.

Dior, The Star And Rose des Vents

We know the superstitious nature of Monsieur Dior, his love of roses and his infallible taste for the sublime. We know the story that led Christian Dior to make the star one of the charms of his house.

On the evening of April 18, 1946, the day before an important meeting leading to the foundation of his house, “while going up Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, Christian Dior stomped on an object on the ground and failed to fall, as if the object itself was trying to get his attention.”

This object was a star. The star then entered the aesthetic and visual grammar of the house of Dior.

In 2020, Victoire de Castellane, the facetious and eminently glamorous spirit at the head of Dior jewelry creations, is responsible for giving a new variation.

And this time, Christian Dior’s lucky charm comes to light up an already iconic line of jewelry. The Rose des Vents jewelry line, imagined by Victoire de Castellane in 2017.

Eternal guardians of the couturier’s inspirations, Rose des Vents jewelry is cut in the manner of the mosaic present in the villa Les Rhumbs in Granville. Key place for Dior’s creation, since it is that of his childhood.

The new Dior variation around the Rose des Vents icon is understood as a celebration of the exceptional craftsmanship of the Dior workshops.

The new models imagined by Victoire de Castellane are studded with diamonds, ornamental stones and golden rice-grain twists, which hem the medallions. A virtuoso craft that distills the symbolism of Monsieur’s charms, while constituting modern talismans made to accumulate, according to the joys of life!

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