The New Dior Boutique On Rue Saint-Honoré

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The New Dior Boutique On Rue Saint-Honoré

The house of Dior has unveiled its new large flagship store at the corner of rue Saint-Honoré and rue Cambon. A wonderful place bringing together the whole Dior universe.

The New Dior Boutique Rue Saint-Honoré, Temple De Merveille

The new Dior store is now planted at the corner between 261 Rue Saint-Honoré and 14/16 Rue Cambon. A boutique cut like a dreamlike setting where the Dior wonders come to shine with harmony.

Distributed over 5 floors, the entire Dior universe is thus staged – ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes and accessories, including the fantastic creations of Dior Joaillerie and Dior Maison.

“Redesigned by the architect Peter Marino, the restored stone facade, adorned with large bay windows, blends harmoniously with this Parisian building from the 18th century. Inside, the four floors mix aerial heights with more intimate spaces, evoking the atmosphere of a town house; the fluid and abstract lines, combined with the soft nuances, bring a touch of modernity and luminous serenity” details the house.

It is true that something even more sublime is happening in this new Dior boutique. The universe of Rue Montaigne is distilled in a different way – chairs in Jouy canvas , ivory and gray, are exposed for example for the first time!

Pieces and elements of the grammar of Christian Dior which, more than once, have inspired the artistic directors of his house. It is not surprising to discover now a new bag called desire, created for the occasion – the Dior St Honoré leather tote.

Better yet, a service dedicated to personalization makes it possible to endorse these new icons. Enough to seek inspiration from the side of the Haute Couture Dior 2020 collection, presented in a mini-film with the appearance of a fairy tale! You can discover it here.