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Three spaces in one at the heart of Parisian fashion – this is a first for Chanel. By bringing together their fashion, accessories, and watchmaking/jewelry spaces around a Thassos marble interior staircase, the brand has created a brand new type of space that is a natural fit for Printemps. Chanel called on architect Peter Marino for this original creation punctuated with window displays on each of its three floors. Behind this lacquered facade, the flooring alternates marble, parquet, and retro-vintage woven wool carpeting while the walls remain classical and lacquered with noble fabrics.

This elegant decor is illuminated by two lamps made of bronze, hammered metal, crystal, and lava stone designed by Delos & Umbiedos. It’s a pleasure for the eyes – with typically Parisian refinement and timeless modernity, this new space houses the most legendary and the most current of Chanel’s pieces.

By sticking with the brand’s codes, the space is embellished by a work of art from Paola Pivi. Made of nacre and golden pearls, it echoes out to the legendary pearl necklaces that Gabrielle loved so. A nod to the friendship that has always united artists with Chanel, a Chanel N°5 ad poster reusing a famous Andy Warhol work from 1985 responds to a contemporary piece inspired by the camellias that Mademoiselle loved so, signed off on by Peter Dayton. Like a private visit away from the crowds, the new Chanel space should be visited without delay!

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